how NOT to take a selfie

My Facebook feed is littered with my friend’s self portraits taken in the bathroom mirror.  Usually the photo is poorly composed, poorly lit and shows all the stuff they keep on their counter.  I’m not pointing fingers just at my friends…selfies everywhere are like this!  It’s pretty certain that my generation, and people younger, are obsessed with taking pictures on their phones but that’s no reason to compromise quality.

But personally, I think taking bathroom mirror selfies is weird.  I’ve got mirrors in 3 other rooms in my house, as I’m sure other people do too, so I’d rather take a mirror picture in one of them!  Never the less, I’m sharing with you today my simple guide on how NOT to take selfies.

Oh boy, this will be interesting!  Get ready, friends…

NO:   Please, for the love of all that is good, DO NOT take a mirror picture and show us what you have on your counter.  All phones have a built in editor that allows you to crop the photo before posting.   Showing all that stuff is distracting!

NO: The big problem here is that you can see into my shower, which is creepy and distracting. My shower curtain is fabulous and would make a good background, but instead you get to see my towels and shower stuff.  If you take pictures like this, simply spend a few seconds prior removing the towel and closing the curtain.
NO: The mirror is dirty (purposely, for the sake of this guide), I’m looking at my phone instead of straight ahead and the mirror frame is very distracting.  Cleaning a mirror takes no time, so do that before taking your picture.  And look up!  If you’re taking a selfie in the mirror you probably aren’t showing us your phone…you want us to see you face!
NO: This would have been a good shot if the flash was off and the whole picture was in focus.  Please NEVER use a flash when taking a mirror picture.  Turn on the bathroom light or open a window, but never use flash.
Okay: this shot is better because the curtain is closed behind me, I’m in focus and looking straight ahead, there are no visual distractions and the mirror is clean!  However, it’s a little crooked and I’d find that annoying.

Okay: This is very similar to the above photo, but straighter.  I’d say this is pretty close to a great selfie.  

Great: In terms of self portraits in general, this is nothing special. BUT, I took it in the bathroom on my phone.  I stepped away from the mirror and stood against a light coloured wall next to the window.  I got natural lighting and zero distractions because all you can see is me!  And really, isn’t that the point of selfies?
Let’s review, shall we? When taking mirror selfies be sure to:
  • remove all clutter from counter
  • remove distracting things from the background such as hanging towels
  • don’t use the flash!
  • clean your mirror
  • look at the camera, not your phone
Easy enough, right?  If you enjoyed this funny(ish) post, please let me know below in the comments. Or, you can send me an email ( or get in touch with me via social media at the top of the page.

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