how to clean cast iron cook ware

One of my favourite baking dishes in my cast iron Dutch oven.  The size is perfect for making meals for 2, it heats well and cooks food thoroughly, it can go from stove to oven…need I go on?  I use it a lot but sometimes I forget to clean it right away.  Or sometimes food gets a little burned and sticks afterwards.  I came across an awesome trick for cleaning out all that grossness without damaging the cast iron and I knew I just had to share it.

how to clean cast iron

Before I share, there are a few things you should know about cleaning a Dutch oven.

  • avoid soaking the cookware in water
  • do not use steel scrubbers or any other abrasive sponges
Obviously using abrasive materials or cleaners will scratch your cookware and nobody wants that.  Very strong chemicals may also wear away the finish on the cookware, so avoid using those too.
You may be wondering what on earth I used if not commercial cleaners…well, I used baking soda.  Yep, good old fashioned, cheap baking soda.  Literally all you do is generously coat the cooked on food in baking soda, add a TINY bit of water and let it sit for a few hours.  Then use a soft cloth to simply wipe away the mess.  Rinse out the cookware and dry thoroughly.  Suuuuper simple!  

The culprit for making this mess was a frittatta…lots of egg and cheese were involved!   I scraped out as much as I could using a plastic spoon. Then I literally covered the insides in baking soda.

Sometimes the food comes off easily after letting the baking soda paste sit for only 1 hour but I usually need to wait a couple to get everything off.

This method is simple, cheap and eco friendly, so give it a try next time your cast iron pans get all messy!

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