I knit a blanket for my cat

Yes, it’s true.  I fear I’m teetering dangerously close to the edge of “Crazy Cat Lady” status…In my twenty three years of living I’ve owned a total of 3 cats, befriended far too many to count, surrendered my favourite arm chair to a cat,  rescued an abandoned newborn kitten I found in my mom’s garden, let me cat ride on my lap in the car and now I’ve gone and knit a blanket for my cat’s bed (well, one of her beds!).

black and white cat

Previously I had lined her cardboard box bed with old towels but this blanket is so much better.  I swapped out her old box for a cool wooden crate which is bigger so she has more room to roll around.  She was hesitant to try the new bed because everything was new to her.  I had to physically place her in the bed a few times before she got used to it.

cat bed
Venelope in her old bed with her stuffed dog Scruffy (this was taken in September and she is a lot bigger now!).

knit blanket
She is learning to like the new bed and blanket.

I’m clearly one of those people who treats their pet like part of the family, but I don’t see anything wrong with that.  And I was kidding about the crazy cat lady stuff at the start of this post, although I did do all those things.

I love all my cats and will forever be a cat lover !

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