i’m still a lady

Ever since I was little I’ve had short hair.  I was actually nearly bald until I was a toddler…it was pretty cute.  When my hair did come in it was blond and curly.  I guess keeping it short was easy for my parents.  As I got older I never had hair past my shoulders.  I remember getting my hair cut into a chin length bob when I was about 10 or 11…I think that was the first time I actually had some input on how my hair was cut.
Throughout high school my hair was halfway down my back, chin length and shoulder length.  It was also dyed lots of times…even a pink streak!

I was sick of my hair and I felt like it was the one thing that identified me as a person (which is a hard thing to take at seventeen).  One the last day of my grade twelve exams my best friends accompanied me to the hair dresser for what would be my most dramatic haircut ever. 



Having short hair was awesome!  I didn’t feel very girly though…I was afraid people would mistake me for a boy because I wore no makeup, and only shorts and t-shirts (I actually met my husband when I had short hair and he thought it was cute!).

It was almost 5 years since that hair cut…I vowed never to cut it that short again.  The grow out period was awful; I didn’t know how to style it very well. 

Last year my hair was so long it was halfway down my back.  And I hated it.  I thought it would be curly and lovely like it was in high school…fat chance!  So I had it cut into a chin length bob.
That was March 2012 and I’ve maintained some variation of a bob since then. 
Until yesterday…
I walked into my hairdresser looking like this:

And I left like this:

Yeah, it’s quite a difference.  Some would say it’s risky…others would say it will be hard to style…some might even say I look boyish.  But here’s a shocker: I’m still a lady. I’m not defined by my hair.  It grows back! 
Back in September (when my hair was looking similar to the “before” image of me in the orange dress) my brother and I went to Home Depot to pick out a toilet for my new house.  As we were walking I saw a little girl point to me and ask her dad “is that a boy or a girl?” in a very confused voice.  She was talking about me, I know she was.  My brother is very tall and masculine looking.
I know I look like a girl…I mean, I have some body curves…I carry a purse…I wear jewellery.  And little kids just say whatever pops into their head, she wasn’t being mean.  But for some reason that question has stuck with me, several months later. 
When I got my hair cut yesterday I was worried I’d be confused for a boy by more small children (or even adults!).  But my hair dresser and husband both assured me I still look very much like a lady. 
Besides, I can always overcompensate by wearing pretty dresses, jewellery and nice make up!
I know I’m just 1 person who decided to cut her hair short…but I hope someone will read this post and make some self discoveries.  Maybe they, too, will cut their hair.  Or maybe they will be okay with they style they have if it’s already short.  Or maybe, just maybe, they will stop associating female beauty with hair. 

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