In favour of modesty: how covering equals respect

It seems like the media is constantly saturated with articles and photos of women saying they love their bodies, so they are going to show it off and not cover it with clothing (or wear very tight clothes!). These women feel like they have a right to flaunt bare skin or wear clothes that show every curve, and that people who don’t like it should just get over it.


Women like that probably think someone like me is ashamed of the way I look, which is why I dress this way (and I actually have been told by an acquaintance that I should wear shorts, or a lower cut top because I have the body for it.  Umm, thanks?).  But, like I mentioned in this post, I actually DO like the way I look!  I know I look good, but I’m also confident enough in my looks not to need validation from others.  That, friends, is the true indicator of self confidence!  Now, I certainly enjoy hearing someone say they like my skirt or my hairstyle is cute, but I’m not putting effort into my appearance just so other people will boost my ego.
modesty = respect for oneself

Each of us have beautiful bodies that God created, and they are special.  We will never look just like another person, and that’s a good thing!  We each possess something unique, and it can be tempting to share that uniqueness with people, but how much more rewarding would it be to save it for someone special?  I respected my husband before I even knew him, and wanted to keep myself special for him (I’m not going to go in a long spiel about abstinence here, but I believe abstinence is so much easier if a woman dresses modestly).  Once someone is married, they shouldn’t desire attention from people of the opposite gender, and dressing immodestly is doing just that!
modesty = respect for one’s spouse (or future spouse)

I am all for body positivity, and agree with those who say men should be able to control themselves around women regardless of how they are dressed. BUT as Christians I believe it’s our duty to do what we can to prevent our brothers and sisters in Christ from stumbling.  We all know men respond to visual stimuli, so why would we want to be flaunting bare skin and snug clothes around our male friends or strangers?  Especially our married male friends!  Yes, we may think godly men should be able to prevent lustful thoughts, but they are human, which means they still have a sinful nature.  You may have the perfect Christian husband who knows to avert his eyes when he sees an improperly dressed woman, but why put a stumbling block in front of others?

Now men, you are not the only ones who may stumble!  Women can be just as easily tempted by a guy in a muscle-revealing shirt, so it’s important to be mindful of that.
modest = respect for each other

This next section might make some readers uncomfortable, but I’m going to talk about it anyways: modesty in church. It seems like a given, that people would know not to show cleavage or underwear in a place of worship, but sadly, many don’t see it as a problem.  A lot of churches (mine included) have a come as you are mentality, in hopes of welcoming people who may not have felt comfortable in church before.  I am all for this!  It’s wonderful to be the church that has people from all walks of life, and we should NOT be turning someone away because of how they present themselves.  My problem, however, is with regular church goers who say they are Christians but still dress immodestly.  Church is a place of respect and our appearance should reflect that.  I know there are some people who attend church with a family member or friend, but don’t call themselves Christians, and insist on dressing immodestly because they can.   To those I say: be mature about it and show some respect.  Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  You wouldn’t show up to grandma’s house for dinner in a bikini because it’s not appropriate, and neither is wearing booty shorts at church.

Most churches don’t have an actual dress code that members adhere to, but if you are feeling convicted to dress more modestly, I encourage you to speak with your pastor or pastor’s wife for guidance on church appropriate clothes.
modesty = respect for our church

I know that was a lengthy post, so I appreciate those of you who took time to read it at length.  I hope it encourages or affirms you in some way. I welcome comments, but don’t enjoy seeing attacks on me or my beliefs.  If you have an issue with what I’ve written, just e-mail me.





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9 comments on “In favour of modesty: how covering equals respect

  1. Amen Sweet Sister! I wish more young women (and more mature ones that know better) would be as concerned about their attire. You hit every nail on the head! Stay strong, don’t get discouraged, the world needs beautiful young women such as yourself who is grounded in the Word and not afraid to go against the grain! Blessings to you and David.

  2. Amen! Thank you for sharing this well-thought-out post. I appreciate how you pointed out that just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should. “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are expedient.” Very well said.

  3. I have recently made the decision to start wearing skirts because the Lord has convicted me that this is his wish for me. It has weighed heavily on my heart for sometime and I have fought against it but finally laid it on the alter Sunday and stopped fighting it! I haven’t completely transitioned to skirts yet due to my job ( I’m a nurse and wear scrubs but I just ordered my first set of scrub skirts and I’m super excited! Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I draw a lot of inspiration from you and love choice of outfits. Keep posting pics and God Bless!

  4. Yes! Respect is a great synonym for modesty, and you explained that well. I must be reading a lot of long-winded blogs, because I didn’t think this was lengthy at all. :) Thanks Christina!

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