In favour of modesty: why skirts are better than pants in cold weather

One of the most common questions I get from friends and family in regards to wearing skirts most of the time is: aren’t you cold in the winter?  It’s a fair question, but the answer is NOPE. Surprisingly I stay so much warmer in a skirt than I ever did in pants.


You might think that’s not very likely since the cold wind would be blowing up and around my skirt, making me chilly, but a long skirt actually acts as a pretty good wind shield!  And, I can layer so many things under there without looking bulky! Normally in the cold weather I will start with a base layer of tights or leggings.  Then I add knee socks and leg warmers, but pulled up over my thighs instead of shins. Next I add a heavy skirt in something like wool or denim.  Easy peasy, and super toasty!  It sounds like a lot of clothing, but if the under layers fit well, they add minimal bulk, and wearing an a-line skirt helps too.  Sometimes I need to wear a slip too, but that is more for practical reasons than warmth. I have also tossed a long skirt over my pajama pants to run to the store (but the pants weren’t visible!!) and looked totally fine.

When I wore just pants, I found they were not thick enough, not even jeans, to keep out the biting wind.  My legs would soon get cold sore, since denim seems to just hold on to the chill for a long time!  I did attempt to wear leggings under my jeans, but it was too bulky and I had a hard time moving around.

Wearing a long skirt in the cold means I can pile on the layers for extra warmth, while still looking and feeling good!  Now, I have successfully worn knee length skirts in the winter, too, but it is not quite as warm.  Normally I wear my Blundstone ankle boots but if I am wearing a shorter skirt I will go for my knee high boots.They provide more coverage, which equals more warmth.

I love wearing long skirts in the winter!  It makes me feel a bit old fashioned, and strangely enough, I receive a lot of compliments on my outfits. Now, that’s not why I dress the way I do, but it is nice to know people appreciate the look of a modest outfit in today’s culture!

In another post, I will share how to layer tops for a modest, and warm, look during the cold months, minus the bulk! It’s fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Oh, for reference: we often have winter temperatures between 5F and -22F!

In summation: long, modest skirt are awesome in cold weather because they allow the wearer to add layers underneath without looking bulky.  Heavier fabrics also help keep out the chill and wind.

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8 comments on “In favour of modesty: why skirts are better than pants in cold weather

  1. I love wearing skirts in the winter time too. My parents don’t allow us to ever wear pants, and I’m so grateful for them. I love layering in the winter time too, though sadly it doesn’t ever get to 10 degrees or below here in Fl. The lowest it might get in the winter is 30 degrees. Last winter, there was hardly a winter. lol. It would be cold in the morning, and then heat right back up in the afternoon.


  2. I somewhat sit in the middle on this one. I was skirts only until about 4 years ago and then wore thick woollen skirts and thick tights underneath every day in the coldest of weather. When I started to wear trousers I found them more comfortable and practical in windy weather but for warmth there in not much to choose between wool mix trousers and woollen skirts/tights

  3. Yesss I used to wear leggings under a maxi skirt and it was super warm! Last winter I discovered fleece lined leggings are also sooo warm for when I don’t feel like layering as much lol – fleecey leggings and a long cozy sweater are my jam in the cold months!

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