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Good morning! Today I’m giving an outline for the new series I’m running entitled Homemaking 101: teaching basic homemaking skills.  I’m certainly not an expert on homemaking, nor do I do everything right 100% of the time, but I think I know enough about the fundamentals of homemaking to be able to teach.

homemaking 101
In this series I’ll be teaching absolute basics such as meal planning and ironing, as well as skills seen as a bit more challenging.  I hope to be able to share what skills I’ve learned as a homemaker and pray that you will be encouraged and inspired to use your newfound skills to create a better home.

why am I doing this?

Homemaking is often seen as an outdated practice that goes against feminism.  Society sees very little value in homemaking, especially when a woman chooses that as her full time job, and a lot of basic skills our grandmothers and mothers learned have become obsolete.  Where am I getting this information?  I hear it from other women I know who have no idea how to iron a garment, or sew beyond affixing a loose button.  These women are full time homemakers, as I am, and they desire to do more for their household yet they lack the skills needed.

There is a problem and it needs to be remedied!  Please don’t think I’m judging women who aren’t as skilled with the “domestic arts”.  I understand that life is busy, and many young women chose an education or career before they are married so there is little time to develop needed skills then.  Likewise, a lot of mothers worked when their children were growing up, so they weren’t able to teach their daughters the essentials for homemaking.  I want to bring back the pride and respect that was once associated with homemaking!  Obviously I can’t change the world, but I can implement change by sharing what I know with all of you, and hopefully you can pass along your newly acquired skills with young ladies in your life.

what makes me qualified to “teach”?

Well, I’m not Martha Stewart but I do take pride in my home and the skills I have to maintain it.  I suppose my “qualification” is that I believe God commands me as a Christian wife to be the keeper of my home (Proverbs 31:27).  I’m not the perfect homemaker, but I joyfully do my best.

does homemaking matter that much?

I desire to make my home a peaceful place for my husband, out of respect for him and our marriage. David is currently a full time student, and he works hard, so when he comes home after a 10 hour day of class I want him to feel relaxed.  Tripping over shoes, seeing dirty dishes piled up, looking at a grimy bathroom, having to fix his own dinner are NOT going to make him relax.  And if I’m home all day, but didn’t do anything, I was not productive.  I was eating the bread of idleness.  

In my opinion, not caring for one’s home is a sign of disrespect to oneself, their husband, and to God.  Yes, God.  He provided you with a home, a shelter, whether that be a rented apartment or a brand new build.  Not caring for your home is like telling God you are ungrateful for the gift he gave.  So if keeping a tidy home is showing respect to God, how does meal planning and sewing fit in?  God gives us another gift: family. Meeting the needs of your family and doing your best to give them a safe and happy home is showing them respect but also honouring God by taking care of what he has provided (when I say family, I am referring to those living in your house with you. Obviously families are made up of more than just that, but since homemaking means taking care of one’s home, I’m defining family that way).  Being a homemaker means showing respectful and thankful to God for giving us the gifts of a home and family.  That’s why homemaking matters!

I’m really excited to begin this series!  I hope enjoy it, and are able to learn from it.  If you are already a skilled homemaker, please share your knowledge with a young lady who may be lacking.  Or send her the links for my blog posts :)



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