jolly green jumper

I’m really excited for this post because I’m sharing an outfit I wore for my cousin Jessica’s wedding on August 16.  I got it in my head that a jumper would be awesome but I was unsure of how it would look. I ended up finding this one online and thought it was amazing, so I sent a picture to my mom and David and asked what they thought.  They both said it looked nice, and if I hated it I could just return it.

The fabric is silky, but not super clingy.  I ordered a size up, just to be safe because who wants a wedgie all night?  I kept my accessories pretty standard with my dangly earrings and Pandora bracelets (not pictured).  My make up was a little more than I usually wear since I added false lashes:)  I finished it with bright red lipstick that stayed on all night!  In the first picture I’m wearing a leopard print cardigan because it was a little chilly.  I wore blue wedge sandals because the colour was pretty and I don’t own fancier heels.  I debated wearing a belt with the jumper but I didn’t…I sort of wish I had though.

David                                                                                   Christina

Shirt: Sears                                                                       Jumper: Shabby Apple

Pants: Mark’s                                                                    Shoes: Payless

Shoes: Mark’s

Okay….this picture is sort of embarassing.  I don’t know where I’m looking or why I have crazy eyes.  This was taken after we got home around 1 AM.    
I was surprisingly comfy wearing the jumper all night.  The fabric was light weight, the elastic waist wasn’t too tight and I received a lot of compliments from family.  There were actually 2 other guests wearing jumpers but theirs were black.  I like the green because it’s bright and cheerful.  I’m planning to wear this again with a blazer and maybe booties for a Christmas party in the future. 
Tell me: would you ever wear a jumper?  What do you think of them?  I’ve been told they are only suitable for clowns and toddlers.  Other people said they would rather see me wear tights as pants instead of a jumper…but I think I looked pretty good:)

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