layered striped dress

I’m excited to share this outfit post today because it is sort of different in terms of styling but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!


When I saw this dress I was hesitant to buy it because the stripes seemed a little too bold, and the hem was a lot shorter than I’m comfortable with.  When I stood still it was fine but as soon as I moved around the hem would ride up a lot.  I decided it would be a great option for wearing over jeans or thick tights, so I bought it.


I wore this dress on a day that was cool enough for longer sleeves but not enough for pants.  First I put on a stretchy pencil skirt and just wore the dress over top.  The skirt gave me the length I needed without having to wear pants.


I like the idea of wearing a skirt under a dress for length and may have to try that with other combinations! After seeing this dress in photos I no longer think the pattern is too bold.  I actually quite like it and am excited to wear it with pants and boot this fall! To keep my outfit simple for errands I wore my beloved Birks and leaf earrings.

Do you have any clever layering ideas to share? Does my dress pattern make you a little dizzy (my mom thought so!)?



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