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Today is a short little post showing what I wore the other day while working at the library.  Since it’s a small town library in farm country there really isn’t a dress code.  The librarians before me and at the other branch usually wear jeans and sweaters, and that is totally appropriate. But I prefer to dress up any chance I get!

I took this picture at the library, since I was there before it opened.  I used my small Canon Powershot on self timer and placed it on my desk, so the quality or composure isn’t that great.  But it still shows my clothes!

Scarf: Self made
Cardigan: Walmart
Belt: Joe Fresh
Dress: Denver Hayes
Tights: ??
Booties: Spring
The dress I’m wearing has a butterfly pattern, and even though I don’t like butterflies, I like this dress.  The colours are perfect for fall and the shape is really nice (although you can’t see it under my sweater).  I wasn’t sure about the length of the hemline, so I avoided wearing this dress for while…a few years actually!  But I think it looks okay now so I’m trying to wear it more frequently.

I tried a new style with my hair but I’m not sure if it photographs well.  Instead of combing my bangs to the side like I do every morning I decided to pouf it up a bit a la Anne Hathaway.  Basically I brushed my wet bangs straight back over the top of my head (as if to create the Snooki pouf), sprayed some hair spray on  them since that is the only hair styling product I have and let them air dry.

I was pleased with the overall look and am thinking about getting some hair wax or pomade to aid in styling in the future. Suggestions?

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  1. Love the hair! I recently went back to a pixie cut and love this sort of look (with the bangs sort of spiked up or back), but I don’t think I can pull it off myself. The only styling product I use is plain old aloe vera gel. Works wonderfully (and I like that it’s fairly natural).

    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off…I’m still sort of figuring out the spiky bangs styles myself. Funny you said you used aloe vera because I styled my hair this way yesterday using aloe gel!

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