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Good morning, friends!  I’ve decided to start giving period updates on what’s been going on in my life outside my blog.  I enjoy reading posts like this from other bloggers, so I hope you will too!

This spring, David and I decided to plan our veggie garden better than we have before.  We knew we’d be getting a lot of tomato plants from a friend so we had to a make sure everything else we wanted would fit.  I got a late start planting the seeds indoors, but it turned out to be a good thing since we were unable to put them in the ground at the usual time.  The rule of thumb here in Ontario is that it’s safe to plant over the Victoria Day long weekend in May, since by then, the snow stops falling and there is likely not to be any more frost.  However, we had a very cold spring with lots of late frost so we wouldn’t have been able to plant anyways.  This year, in our 200 square foot garden, we planted green beans, garlic chives, kale, spinach, butternut squash, carrots, yellow onion, and potatoes from scratch.  We bought some hot pepper plants, and were given a few dozen tomatoes, and ended up having to put some plants in pots on the patio!

Last month my mom and I went to France, and while I haven’t had a chance to post many pictures from it, she kept everyone updated via a new page she made on Facebook.  You can check out “50 in France”  to see photos, read about where we went, etc.  And if you want to see the outfits I wore (because, why not?), you can check them out in this post!

Sadly, during the nearly 2 weeks I was gone, David was busy with school and his exams, so the gardens got a little weedy.  I planned to tackle it over a few days once I got back, but had scheduled a wedding and engagement session to photograph.  Then, I started my new job, which I had thought would be just a few days last week, so I decided that would be the time I finally got to work in the garden.  Turns out, I was scheduled to work all week, which was fine with me, but my gardens are still sadly neglected.

This weekend, David’s sister had a birthday party at the family cottage.  The weather didn’t cooperate much, and we ended up playing board games inside instead of enjoying sunshine.  On Saturday, I worked a few hours, and then David and I went strawberry picking.  It was the first time we went together and we had a lot of fun!  Today, David’s dad came over to help with a project, while his mom came to go berry picking with me.  I’ve already made half a dozen jars of jam and filled three large jars with whole berries. I found a way to preserve them in a simple syrup, so hopefully it turns out!  The only other whole fruit I’ve canned was peaches, but most of them spoiled before we got to enjoy them.  Fingers crossed this works out and we are able to enjoy lovely strawberries until next summer:)


In other news, my hair is still growing!  It’s been around a year since I had a real hair cut, not including the trims I needed to prevent weird mullets!  I’m planning to do a progress post soon, but in the interim, you can take a look at my recent outfits to see how it looks.

What have you been up to lately?

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