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Good morning, friends.  Today I wanted to give you a little update on what has been going on in our household.  It seems like the summer just flew by since my last update in July.  My job has been going well, but the three month term is drawing to a close. Thankfully they are keeping me on still, just at reduced hours. Although I admit I am looking forward to having more time at home, sine my homemaking has been sorely neglected.  Fall is my favourite time of year so many reasons, namely because there are so many goodies to can!  Last year for my birthday my mom gave me dozens of glass canning jars, which have been patiently waiting to be filled.  This year my in-laws gave me a pressure canner for my birthday, so I will be busy making and canning soups, stews, sauces, and more!

But let me back up a few months…since my last update.  Our large veggie garden has been a little disappointing thanks to the lack of rain we’ve had all summer.  I’ve been keeping the garden hose on it during the night but we are still not yielding as many tomatoes as we hoped.  Our green beans continue to do well, though.  And the kale is chugging along, same with the butternut squash plants, but I’m not sure I will actually have any squash before frost.  It was my first time growing it, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  This year we also did a few carrots and onions, which have been doing quite well, so I plan to plant many more next year.  We also planted red potatoes, and even though we had a horn worn incident, we saved the plants and were rewarded with a lovely crop.  Check out my instagram to see the first major veggie harvest of the season.

In August I started a new fashion challenge with the ladies of my Modest Young Women Facebook group. We had so much fun, and I saw some really great outfits.  I hope to do another one soon!  If you want to see what I wore for the challenge, click here.


In the middle of August we spent some time at my in-laws’s cottage to escape the country music festival that takes place in the town just East of us.  I like country music, but I do not like all the traffic from the festival, and I’d never attend this one since it’s an excuse for a lot of people to camp and get drunk all week.  But David and I like having that mini vacation at the cottage, so we don’t mind leaving town.  We take our cat Vinnie with us, and she screams the whole way there, but once she is inside the cottage she is fine.  She likes sitting in the bay windows, looking over the water, and watching squirrels hop in the trees off the deck.  This year we had a potential problem with leaving though:  what about our chickens?14068370_1066506823437410_947646350487400466_o

We brought them home shortly before we had to leave for the cottage, and I didn’t want them on their own for a whole week, sine they were still getting used to their new home.  Thankfully my mom agreed to “chicken sit” and stay at our place.  We have a routine with the chickens: every morning we go into their coop to change their water, refill their food, and let them outside.  We lock their door into the run for safety, in case an animal tried to get in during the night.  We enjoy spending time with them outside, since they are quite funny to watch! Normally David and I bring a book outside and read while the chickens peck away around us.

When September came around, David started school again; he is finishing his biology degree and only has a few credits left. Also this month, David was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding.  I was able to attend as a guest, instead of hired help, which was quite nice!  We asked a friend to take pictures for us, and she captured this one PERFECTLY.


Today is the start of the youth group at my church, which I am leading this year.  I’m excited for this new opportunity, but also a little intimidated since I’ve never actually led a Bible study/youth group before!  Last year I did lead a few lessons, but now I actually had a hand in choosing the curriculum so hopefully I picked a good one!

What’s been going on in your life lately?


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  1. Hi Christina!
    The idea of canning soups and stews is completely new to me! Would you mind to share some recipes and details how to do it? We have a very little freezer, so I am not able to do the freezer cooking, and this seems like a perfect substitute for it.

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