Lilla Rose Flexi Clip review

Have you heard of Lilla Rose hair accessories?  I first saw them on The Modest Mom Blog and I thought they were nice, and really tied together Caroline’s outfits but that the Flexi Clip wouldn’t work for me since my hair is so short.  I continued admiring the various Flexi Clips and thinking that I should buy one once my hair gets long enough for a ponytail…which would likely be at least a year away!  After doing a bit of reading on Flexi Clips I learned that the smallest size works for finer hair, like a child’s so I thought maybe I could wear the smallest sized clip in my own hair.  I quickly contacted Caroline and asked her if she thinks they would work for me, and she said yes, so I ordered my very first Flexi!

I ordered through Caroline but I was not given this clip in exchange for a review.  All the thoughts and opinions are my own! I wanted to write a review to show other short haired ladies that it’s possible to enjoy the gorgeous hair accessories Lilla Rose sells even without long locks.

Lilla Rose Flexi Review 5

The Flexi Clip is a new twist on a hair elastic or (terrible) giant plastic butterfly clip we are likely all guilty of using. You can use the Flexi Clip to secure a ponytail or even for fancier updos but I used my extra extra small Flexi Clip simply as a hair accessory because it is so pretty!

Lilla Rose Flexi Review

I admit I was a little worried my hair wouldn’t hold the Flexi in place but it stayed put for the few hours I had it in.  When it arrived in the mail it came in a cute paper package with a little booklet of hairstyles to try, none of which I can attempt with my current hair length though.  The Flexi itself was a little heavier than I imagined but it didn’t feel weighty in my hair, nor did it slip from it’s place.

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The beaded section is flexible, hence the name Flexi Clip, and the straight pin is what you use to secure it in place.  It’s easy to do, I promise!

Since my Flexi stayed in place on the side of my hair, I wanted to test how well it does when it is holding hair back.  I pulled my bangs to the side and secured them with the clip, then proceeded to shake my head vigorously to see if the clip stays put.  After I was sufficiently dizzy I was pleased to see the clip didn’t budge!

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Overall, I am VERY pleased with the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip. It’s a product I will be buying again in the future and I’ll definitely be recommending them to friends and family.  I’d also recommend the Flexi for short haired women, because it’s an easy way to add some flair.  The Flexi Clip is comfortable to wear and doesn’t leave marks or dents on my hair like bobby pins sometimes do. I highly suggest you all go purchase one now:)

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  1. It’s SO cute on you !!! I don’t know if it’s because of the leaves or your spunky haircut & color but you look like a Woodland Fairy ! Really adorable Christina :)
    Thanks for sharing this great idea on Wearing with Wisdom ~

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