main bathroom reveal!

Since January our main bathroom has been being made over in a big way!  The plumbing to the shower was replaced and rerouted, a new tub and shower surround were installed, the sink faucets were replaced, a new light fixture was put in and the wall tile was painted.  It’s not a very exciting renovation but it’s a pretty big deal for us!  

I’m pleased to be sharing the end result of our reno.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.
Here’s what the bathroom looked like before we started this job.
It’s not terrible, it just needs a little face lift.  Note the positioning of the light fixture…

The shower and tub were gross and old.  They always felt dirty no matter how hard I cleaned.

A really gross light fixture that wasn’t even centered above the sink/wall/mirror.  Also, super gross faucet!
how to paint wall tile
The light fixture is so much better and the wall tile is painted. The new faucets are also a hug improvement.

New shower!
how to paint wall tile
The tile blends in nicely with the wall now.
I love the way this room looks now!  It’s much fresher and cleaner looking, and David think the new wall tile looks a little country, which I like! I’m thinking some art work for the walls is in order but I’m not sure what to put up.
What sort of wall art is up in your bathroom?  Comment below or send me a picture on Facebook.
PS: If you’d like to see our renovation from start to finish (and other bathroom updates), click the links below.

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