Memory Verse Monday (week 7)

Hello friends!  Apologies for my lack of posts in this category; I’ve had a lot of things on the go lately.  Today I’m sharing a verse about God providing for us, which seems appropriate since my American readers will be celebrating Thanksgiving soon.  Matthew 6:26 says that God provides for the birds, and He sees us as more valuable than them, so surely he will take care of us and our needs. That whole section of verses is a good read for anyone who is feeling anxious or worried.

This verse doesn’t use the word “provide”, but it does offer reassurance that God will provide for us.  Some people may be struggling to figure out how they will be able to give their family a big Thanksgiving meal, or presents at Christmas because money is tight this year.  There are others who have bigger financial concerns, like mortgage payments and other bills that keep piling up.  My heart goes out to them, and if any of you are in a place like that I hope this verse gives you encouragement and hope.  God know what you need, but you just have to ask! He will provide for us!

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