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It’s no secret that I love fall.  It has always been my favourite season, as you may notice from the archive of autumnal themed blog posts! When we are in the dead of winter, I long for warmer spring days so I can shed my many layers of clothes in favour of light spring skirts and blouses.  But after a hot summer, I actually forward to my cozy wools and knits! This summer I have been working part time, and with the onset of seasonal allergies, my free time has been spent indoors.  In all honesty, I am done with summer and look forward to the changing season.

Cooler weather is often easier for modest dressing because we can wear more clothes without looking out of place.  But there is a fine line between modesty and frumpy! I’m not saying we need to dress in all the latest modest fashion trends, or wear clothes we are not comfortable in.  On the other hand, dressing modestly should not be an excuse to be lazy with our clothing choices.  This post aims to share some outfit ideas, as well as tips and tricks for being modest while still looking appropriate this fall.

In my opinion, maxi skirts are a trend that will last. They are great for fall since the length helps keep you warm, and adding a wide belt at the waist can help disguise bunchy layers.

I really like cardigans over summer weight dresses because it helps me get more wear out of my pieces.  This dress has a fall print, but it was quite thin, so I helped make it cooler weather appropriate with a cozy cardigan and knit scarf.

I am not comfortable in tunics and leggings, so I paired a pencil skirt with a tunic instead!  This worked really well for me since it gave me the coverage I wanted while still looking nice.

Scarves are a great way to disguise a top with a low neckline or a tight fit.  I have found nice printed scarves at thrift stores and the mall during end of season sales.  Bonus tip: a denim jacket also helps hide a too tight top!

Another way to wear a tunic or short dress is over a maxi skirt in a similar or complimentary tone.  This printed tunic has shades of pink, gold and rust, so I paired it with a rust maxi, and made it a bit shorter by wearing a belt.

 While my clothing is likely not very trendy or worthy of copying, I have been fortunate to be able to purchase clothing in my personal style.  For the most part, what I own is fairly modern.  However, I know there are ladies out there who are not able to purchase a whole new modest wardrobe, for whatever reason.  But you can still dress modestly without looking frumpy, even if your clothing is more “old fashioned” or plain.

This dress below is thrifted, and pretty out of date when I bought it!  By wearing it with modern shoes (flats), a  cardigan, and an infinity scarf, I was able to update the dress into one of my favourites.


My number one tip for modest dressing, regardless of the season, is to invest in proper undergarments. For me, this means a slip and camisole. I have a slip for wearing with skirts that are too thin, and two slips for wearing underneath dresses (one white and one black).  Slips have saved me from embarrassing static cling, allowed me to feel more covered while wearing light weight pieces, and make me feel more confident that I will not have a wardrobe malfunction.  Plus, slips are so wonderfully old fashioned, aren’t they?  I have bought mine at thrift stores and obtained some from my late grandmother’s wardrobe.

Camisoles, especially those with high necklines, act in similar ways to slips.  They provide coverage under sheer tops, and can transform an immodest neckline into one you are comfortable with.  In the past I have found camisoles with lace trim on the neckline at Walmart, and have purchased cotton tank tops at Old Navy.

Dressing modestly doesn’t have to be difficult!  If you still need some help, I encourage you to check out my post on this post on how to begin dressing modestly, or this one for some tips to build a modest wardrobe, and be sure to read my tips for finding modest clothing on a budget.


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8 comments on “modest fashion tips for fall

  1. The tips you have written are correct about the modest fashion without any doubt. However, I disagree about one thing that you said about maxi dress, that this trend will last one day hence Muslim religion is the second most populated religion and maxi dresses are actually one kind of modern Muslim dresses. That’s why I believe this trend will never last.

  2. Do you have any suggestions for keeping warm under skirts/dresses in the wintertime? I always wear leggings underneath skirts, but sometimes tight leggings are uncomfortable, or make me itch after awhile!
    I have worn long johns in the past, underneath long skirts, but this only works if the skirt is long enough and if you wear boots. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts! Thanks!

    • What kind of leggings are you wearing? Perhaps the itchiness is due to the fibres of the leggings, and maybe switching to a pair with more cotton would help?

      If you wear long skirts, you could get away with a looser fitting yoga pant under them. But if you are wearing shorter skirts, I suggest buying leggings a size too big and just sewing a piece of extra elastic in the waist. This way you get the warmth without the skin tight feeling.

      Hopefully that helps!

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