modest winter outfit inspiration

This is the second winter I have been wearing skirts and dresses almost exclusively, and my collection has grown quite a lot since last year.  I went from having only 4 skirts to far more than I care to admit!  But I like variety and am sure to wear each item in my closet, so I can justify having so many ;)

Even with more skirts, I am still stuck on what to wear some days.  I turned to my trusty Pinterest in search for inspiration and I came up with a lot of awesome options.   Here are some ideas for casual outfits (I’m going to be sharing only skirt or dress outfits, but I did save a few tunics and jeans combos).

All images can be found on this Pinterest board.

I’m still liking the chunky sweater and floral skirt combo!

modest winter outfit

A modern sweater vest is on my list of desired pieces of clothing. modest winter outfit

I like how the bold colour of the dress pops with the other pieces of the outfit. modest winter outfit

Look at all the textures!  It looks so comfy. modest winter outfitThis neutral outfit makes me want a faux fur vest!

And now for some dressier outfits.

This outfit seems simple enough but the layered tops make it a little more special.b2797d77fbe4c877ec20e11e1d296f21

I like how this outfit uses similar tones for the top and skirt. I bet it would work with other colours too.a51b9f9eda02ff6f56ac678c8d2cb105

Can you ever really go wrong with a plaid skirt?  This outfit stood out to me because it uses similar tones, much like the outfit above.24c67b28b4f4e6774f0b26edecb300d5

The final outfits that have been inspiring me are some I created using  You can browse through fashion categories for images of clothing or import your own to create all kinds of outfits.

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It’s super fun and kind of addicting!  If you are on Polyvore, feel free to follow me for more outfit ideas!

What outfits are inspiring you this winter?

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