modesty, part 3

In this mini series about modesty I gave a little back story and talked about how I dressed as a single woman.


When I was newly married my main concern with fashion was looking good.  Not just for my husband, but in general.  I enjoyed dressing up in nice clothes and I felt comfortable in my body, so if something was a little tight, I didn’t care.  I didn’t get any complaints from David or anybody else for that matter.    After I lost my job I spent many months at home in yoga pants and hoodies.  When I went grocery shopping once a week I usually wore jeans and a nice top, and then right back into yoga pants when I got home.   We had very hot summers here so I later traded my yoga pants for shorts and my hoodie for a tank top.  Sometimes when David and I would run errands I’d wear them out using the heat as an excuse for skimpy clothing.

When I got back into working I wore some tight dresses and tops, not really thinking too much about it.  Then I came across something that really made me re-evaluate my choices.


How had I not thought about that before?  I wouldn’t want my friends to dress in revealing clothes around my husband, so why was it okay for me to dress that way?  Slowly I started going through my closet and determining what was too tight or too short.  I came across some modest fashion blogs for outfit inspiration but honestly I felt like a lot of the options were boring.  I mean, I wasn’t about to start wearing floor length dresses with shapeless cardigan over top…nor was I going to give up wearing pants altogether.   There were some outfits I tried to recreate on myself but they looked frumpy or lumpy so I gave up.

Eventually I found some neat places of inspiration (Fresh Modesty, Clothed Much, The Classy Cubicle to name a few) and discovered some ways I can look good while still remaining modest.    In November I started a No Pants Challenge where I wore only skirts and dresses (aside from my work uniform) instead of pants.  I realized pants are really uncomfortable compared to skirts!  I’ve always had a hard time finding pairs that fit since I have a small waist and larger hips, so I don’t have many pants to begin with.  And the ones I do have are tight like leggings but are actually pants.  I wore the same maxi skirts a lot during that challenge and realized how comfy they are.  I got creative with layering while still looking presentable and combined pieces I never thought would work together.

Now it’s January and I’ve only worn pants a few times since November (once when I was putting the Christmas lights up and the other time I was not feeling well but had to go to work anyway).  I feel more feminine in skirts, especially since I have short hair.  And since I have short hair now I feel like I sometimes can overcompensate for it by wearing super girly skirts and dresses.

summerdress summerdress summerdress summerdress

My husband has always liked seeing me in skirt and dresses over pants, so that’s a nice little bonus.  I don’t disapprove of pants or women who wear them but I choose not to wear them for comfort reasons.  But I used to wear pants though! Look below for examples:)

IMG_3364 IMG_3993IMG_9296So now you are probably wondering why I went on about the awesomeness of skirts, only to show you photographic proof that I wear pants.  It’s because I want you don’t have to commit to wearing just one type of clothing your whole life.  When spring comes I’m not certain I’ll wear skirts outside to garden.  I might wear shorts, I might wear jeans, or I might wear a skirt.  When David and I go on hikes this summer I’m likely going to be wearing shorts.  The point I’m trying to make is that you need to decide what you consider modest for you and your lifestyle.  For example, I hate wearing tee shirts that touch my neck.  It freaks me out, so I wear a slightly lower neckline.  But when we helped my mom and brother move this past summer I knew I’d be bending down a lot, so I sucked it up and wore a high neck shirt for modesty.

If you decide you want to start dressing modestly it’s important to figure out exactly what that means for you.  In the next, and final, post of this series I’ll be sharing some tips for setting modesty standards for yourself and evaluate your current clothing.

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20-something; rural dwelling; wife to David; homeowner; pretty good cook; wearer of skirts; friend to all cats.

2 comments on “modesty, part 3

  1. This post was very encouraging! I’ve never heard that quote before- it puts things in perspective. :) thanks for sharing your story!
    I love the first picture of you and David- is that sweet dog yours?
    I love wearing skirts, but I enjoy wearing jeans, too- although it can be hard finding ones that fit just right. ;) I prefer skinny-ish jeans because I just think they’re a little more feminine- especially when paired with a t-shirt of sorts. :P

    • I’m glad to hear it! Yes, that is David’s dog named Scout. He got her in university and she lived with us for a bit when we were married, but now she lives with David’s parents because she missed the other dogs they had. Scout still gets so excited every time we go over!

      I agree that slim fitting jeans are more feminine, but it’s so yard to find a balance between not too tight but not too loose. Maybe one day I will find the elusive perfect pair and be a jeans convert!

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