monthly grocery shop part 3: an update

Have you been following along with our Monthly Grocery Shop mini series? No? Click here or here to get all caught up!  Today I’m going to give a little update on how it’s working out so far and give a list of pros and cons for a monthly grocery shop.

So far I’ve stuck to the planned menu pretty well.  I’ve made pasta a few times (off menu) because making sauce is quick and easy.  But I did make the chili, naan pizza, chicken lasagna from the list and I bought a rotisserie chicken from the store.   I also made some chicken soup when I was sick.  
I ended up buying milk and more day old buns though.  When I saw cereal on sale I stocked up on a few boxes as well.  I also caved and bought some snacks a few times.  Sticking to our original budget is tricky especially when I’m at work at the grocery store! I’m surrounded by soooo many goodies and temptation is er’rywhere.  But I think overall we did pretty well for our first big shop.  We still have a lot of food to use up, so next month’s grocery list will be pretty short.  
I have mixed feelings about doing another big grocery shop so I’d like to know what your opinions are.  You can comment below or give your response on Facebook.  Below is my list of pros and cons.  Can you think of anything else for either column?

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