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Have you heard of the movie God’s Not Dead 2?  Surprisingly, it came to major movie theatres in Canada several months ago, but I missed going to see it.  I had previously watched God’s Not Dead (the first movie) and enjoyed it, so I was very excited to be able to finally watch part 2, AND get to review it for you all!



This movie is about a teacher named Grace, who, when asked a question during her high school history class about words Jesus spoke, responds by quoting scripture.  Word gets back to the administration and Grace is told she must apologize publicly and admit she was wrong to talk about her faith in a public school.  She refuses and is taken to trial by the school board.  There are many people who believe she was in the wrong, including the parents of the student who asked Grace the question.  But there are dozens of supporters, students and adults, who think Grace is right to stand up for her belief.  The movie focuses on Grace’s trial but also touches on the lives of others affected by it.

The movie started off a bit confusing, almost as if scenes were deleted, but it was still easy to follow.  The story was gripping, the “good” characters were likeable, and the “bad” were easy to dislike.  God’s Not Dead 2 was filled with scripture references, compelling arguments for Christianity, and moments that really make you think.  It’s great for people who already believe in God but it would also be good for non believers because the points made shed light on a lot of things.

There are wonderful cameos by real Christian authors, and what they say made me nod my head emphatically in agreement (I’m sure my husband thought I was a weirdo!).  Grace’s trial could realistically have gone two ways in this movie: either she wins and all is well, or she loses but it’s okay because she has managed to touch someone’s life and soften their heart for God.  I was prepared for both endings, and I was not disappointed with what actually happened!

My favourite line in the whole movie is this:


It really made me question just how far I’d go to defend my belief, and I’m sure it will challenge you too.  If you decide to purchase this DVD I strongly suggest watching to the very end, even after the credits!


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed God’s Not Dead 2 and am going to recommend it to my friends and family.  If you watch it, comment below and let me know what you think


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4 comments on “movie review: God’s Not Dead 2

  1. I just watched the first one. It was good but had a few sappy, predictable “Christian” moments.
    Hopefully #2 is on Netflix too !

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing this one. The first one was good so I have no doubt we will enjoy this one. Thanks for the review!

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