My favourite Christmas songs

I love Christmas music!  As soon as December first rolls around that is pretty much all I listen to, but it is easy to dislike Christmas music because the same songs are played over and over and over…I’ve created a list of new and classic remakes of my favourite music to listen to at Christmas.  I hope you enjoy:)

Serena Ryder

Dave Barnes: Christmas Tonight

Dave Barnes: So Santa (his whole December to Remember album is great!!)

Dean Brody: The Woodshed is Full (this is not a Christmas song per se, but it is still festive)

Emery: A Way For Santa’s Sleigh

Greg Sczebel: A Little More Time With You (know that singer Sebell? This is him before he was famous! )

Missy and Jase Robertson: Baby it’s Cold Outside

Micheal Buble and Blake Shelton: Home (Christmas Version. These two artists together are amazing! This is one of my most favourite Christmas songs everrrrrr.)

Bob and Doug McKenzie: Twelve Days of Christmas (this is so quintessentially Canadian that I couldn’t leave it off the list!)

Gord Bamford: Ontario Christmas Morning

And last, but not least…Capitol Lights: His Favourite Christmas Story (this is such a sad but happy song…give it a listen and you will agree!)

Now that you’ve heard my faves, what songs are you playing this holiday season?

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