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At the start of 2016 I committed to posting weekly outfit photos, instead of randomly whenever I felt like I had a good one to share.  This was mostly because I wanted to be real with my readers, and show them what real modest fashion looks like, instead of just sharing outfits that look perfect.  Admittedly, my clothing choices are not that exciting and people likely won’t be pinning them to copy, but I am okay with that!

Today I am going back through 2016 and sharing my favourite outfit from each month, and explaining why I liked it.


I LOVED this whole outfit, probably because each piece was awesome on it’s own.  I layered a long sleeved sweater under a short sleeved lace dress, then added a blouse over it to make the dress seem like a skirt.  I topped it with a cardigan to disguise the chopped lines of my mismatched sleeves, and finished it with a belt for definition.  Yes, it was a lot of clothing, but I was nice and warm:)


This outfit was centred around a white leopard print skirt, which may not seem like a good choice for winter, but I liked it!  When I picked the other pieces I sort of just grabbed whatever, and it turned out pretty nice.  Also, can we talk about my hair swoop?! For some reason my bangs started swooping upward as they grew out, but I actually really liked it.


After a dreary winter I was ready for some spring-like outfits! I can’t remember when I bought this skirt, but I know I got it on sale from Modcloth.  It is a lightweight skirt more suited to summer, so I wasn’t sure how it would look with dark pieces, but I thought the contrast was nice.


I did a lot of thrift shopping in the spring and finally found a denim jacket! I pretty much lived in it because I was so happy to have found one, and I had a lot of playing with outfit combos.  I picked this as my favourite outfit of the month because I like the bold tee shirt colour against the pale blues of the jacket and my skirt.  Admittedly, I am not much of a fan of the skirt anymore, and haven’t really worn it, but I think it looks great with this outfit.


This outfit is my favourite for May because of the colours.  Normally I wear this blouse with a denim skirt but I thought it would look cheery with a white one instead.  It was a really comfy outfit to wear while perusing the tulip festival in Ottawa, and I was able to test out my new purse that I picked up for my trip to France.


This was my favourite outfit for June because of the simple fact that I MADE THIS DRESS. I was so excited to actually create something with some structure (and I didn’t even use a proper pattern!  I sort of traced around another dress I had and then made modifications like the subtle v-neck and elasticized  waist), and out of pretty fabric.  I wore my new dress to church with a fancy little cardigan and my brown wedges, which I almost never wear, but my Birkenstocks seemed too casual.


There were sooooo many good outfits in July and it was hard to choose just one favourite!  I picked this mixed patterned ensemble because it was something new for me, and I loved it.  The skirt is homemade, but once I finished it I realized I actually didn’t have a lot of tops to wear with it. Going by similar colours I picked out this striped top and took a chance (I was working at the time and standing behind a counter most of the time, so even if I regretted the choice later, people likely wouldn’t see my skirt).


My favourite outfit of August is this unexciting little number. It doesn’t really seem like much, but I chose it as my favourite because I had been experimenting with new ways to wear this top.  Previously I wore it with casual skirts and for doing chores at home, but I thought it could be dressed up with a belt and cardigan.  The outfit overall isn’t very dressy, but it was work appropriate, and I quite liked it.


Here is another example of a nondescript outfit that comes across as kind of “blah”, but I love it anyways.  Towards the end of 2016 I had been trying to wear outfits that I loved regardless of how I thought other people might respond.  I LOVED this comfy layered dress and skirt combo with a cozy cardigan, even if it wasn’t on trend.


This dress was one of my favourites to look at but I had a hard time styling it because of the unusual waist detail.  It also has long black sleeves which makes it seem like a bit much if I don’t wear a cardigan over it.  For those reasons I had only worn it once it the two years I owned it.  Then I got this cardigan and it all changed!  I like the contrast of the bright cardigan with the muted dress, and it covered the sleeves so the black was less overwhelming.  People suggested I cut the sleeves to make it more wearable, but honestly, I got the dress because of the sleeves…I am always cold in the cooler months so I knew having long sleeves would be a good idea.


Same cardigan, different dress, but the same sort of problem!  I picked up this gem at a thrift store but it had an unusual strip of contrasting fabric at the waist.  I took a chance and hemmed it up to make it more of an empire waistline and was pleased with the result (you can see a close up the body of the dress here). During the fall I enjoyed wearing some “old fashioned” dresses and trying to make them a bit more modern.  I did so with this one by adding a bright cardigan and a scarf I knit.  This outfit was my fave of the month because of how effortless the look was.


Hands down favourite!  I love my Christmas sweater and would wear it all season if I could!

That’s a wrap!  I hope you enjoyed seeing my outfits over the past year!  As I mentioned, I show you REAL outfits so they may not be the nicest, or most trendy, but maybe they will still inspire you in some way.



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  1. Such a great idea and THANK YOU for sharing these parts of your real life. I am retired and these posts keep me motivated to stay relavent &a modest with my wardrobe❣️

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