my first DIY project as a wife

I don’t know why but I really wanted a dresser in my dining room.  Before we even bought this house I knew that’s what I wanted.  Not for storing clothes (because that’s just silly!) but for keeping extra dishes, linens, etc…
I brought the idea to my then fiance, now husband, a few months ago and he said that was fine.  I suggested maybe we use one of his dressers and just get a piece of glass made for the top (to protect the wood).  Again, he said that was okay.   A little while later he said he just wanted to keep the dresser in the bedroom so I suggested we buy a secondhand one and I can paint it.  He struggled with the concept of painting a potentially old and lovely piece of wooden furniture…so my next idea was to buy new and paint that.  He approved!

I found this really neat tutorial for making painted wood look worn.  It is a 3 step process for my project: distressing, painting, staining.

 I found this brand new dresser for $99 at a store similar to Ikea.

It’s just unfinished pine and comes with 6 drawers.   I wanted to create a piece that looked worn and beat up…like it had been painted a couple times.
So my husband gave me some tools (screw, crowbar, hammer and hatchet) and I went to town beating my dresser.

(this is just a small section of the ‘damage’)
Then I went outside to paint it!  I bought 2 cans or Rustoleum “Colonial Red” spray paint but only used 1.  I apologize in advance for the picture of me painting…I woke up one morning and said to my husband “I’m going to paint now” while I was wearing old PJs and my husband’s coat. He sneakily took pictures through the back door.
Painting is done! I did a couple coats and let it all dry outside for a couple hours (it was pretty chilly out, but also sunny.  The sun dried most of the paint so we could move it inside after a couple hours).
Side note…wear gloves while spray painting outside.

I spray painted in the morning and we left for our honeymoon that afternoon.  The dresser had a full 2 days to dry before I started the staining process.
I used Minwax Wood Finish in cherry and a staining kit that came with gloves, an applicator sponge and a cleaning rag.  I also used a brush for painting walls.  The process was really easy:  paint the stain in an even layer over a small patch of dresser, wait a minute or two and rub it in with the rag.  A lot of the stain came off but that’s the look I was going for. 
Here is a teaser of how it turned out.
I haven’t taken a picture of it all set up in our home yet, so check back soon!

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