my mom’s birthday!

Today is my mom’s 48th birthday! She is 24 years older than me and when people see us together they can’t believe we are mother and daughter because my mom looks much younger than her age.

L-R: my mom in the 1980s, in 2009, in 2010 and the bottom 3 pictures are from 2012.

My mom has worked at the same place for quite some time now so I’ve met most of her coworkers.  But before I did, nobody believed she had a daughter my age.  If the topic of kids ever came up in conversation she would say something like “My son started high school this year” and they would think my brother was her oldest…until she said “And my other son is almost done, and my daughter is in grade 12”.  In case you didn’t know: I have 2 younger brothers, currently ages 21 and 22.

Anyway, back to my mom!  She was born in 1966 in Toronto, Ontario and is the first child of Croatian immigrants.  Her parents were born and raised in Croatia and came to Canada as young newlyweds (my mom has a younger brother as well).  She lived in Toronto and the GTA for most of her life until my parents bought a house in the country around 1996.  My mom became a single parent in 2004 but she stayed strong through it all.  She always made sure my brothers and I were taken care of and often took us on day trips to the city where she grew up.  She even took us camping in the summer!!  She bought me my first car and paid for me to go to college.  She gave me advice on home buying and contributed to our wedding.

My mom taught me not to settle in life and that I deserve great things.  She taught me valuable life skills and always leads by example.

Birthdays have always been a big deal to my mom.  My brothers and I always had the best parties as kids and as we’ve gotten older we try to make sure my mom has a good day too.  Today I’m taking her out for lunch at a seafood resturant, which I know she will enjoy.  Feel free to email or comment below with happy birthday wishes :)

PS: my mom says her secret to looking young is taking care of her skin!  She has always cleansed, toned and moisturized her face twice a day.

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