my new hair washing method: part one

Happy new year, friends!  Thanks so much for your patience as I take a break from blogging.  If you LIKE Our Wood Home on Facebook you may have already seen my post explaining what caused such a long break.  Originally I planned to take the rest of December off and return early January, but we had such cold temperatures that our internet service failed us.  In addition to the spotty internet I had a three day migraine which prevented me from doing much of anything.  Then we had a bit of warmer weather so our internet worked fine, but our pipes had a frozen blockage! We were without water in the house for almost three days, so my spare time was spent collecting, melting, boiling, and storing snow.

Thankfully, things are back to normal now!  I am finally able to set aside some time to blog and share new content with you all!

Today I am sharing something I started in November, which is my new hair washing method.  Before starting this experiment with my hair, I was washing it once every three days using a liquid soap that is free of dyes, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, phosphates, biodegrades, and is safe for septic systems.  It worked well with both the texture of my hair and our water (I have found that some shampoos or soaps don’t rinse easily with my hair, and different types of water also make it difficult to rinse). I would occasionally rinse my scalp with white vinegar to remove any build up of dead skin or soap.  My goal was to go a full week between washes, then hopefully make it to two weeks between.

I started out day one of my experiment by washing my hair as usual.  Day two I did not wash it, and in the evening I used my boar bristle brush to help distribute any oils that have already been secreted from my scalp through my hair (click here for a video tutorial).   For the rest of the first week I did my hair in a braid or ponytail since my roots grew increasingly oily and stringy.  Wearing a wide head covering helped disguise the look so I was able to go out and not feel icky.


This new method was working okay for the first couple days but by day 5 my hair was so gross that I didn’t want to even touch it. But it was only the roots and the hair by my hairline that looked so bad.  The rest of my hair was fine!  During the first week I was still brushing with my special brush each night.  When I started week two I washed my hair with my usual soap, and then tried to remember to brush it each night.  I was determined to make this new method work!  So I suffered through about 6 weeks of this, but I admit it didn’t go quite as well as I hoped.

Here are some photos of my hair midweek before I would wash it.  It looks okay in photos, and because my head covering is hiding the yucky oiliness on my roots! One thing I did like about the reduced washings was that my curl seemed more defined.

This photo shows where my hair would start to show the oiliness.  It would look very shiny and slick, and it would be stringy as well.

I kept hoping my hair would adapt to the change in washings, but it didn’t.  Maybe I should have given it more time, I don’t know.  I decided to stop this method of washing because it was making me unhappy and, frankly, embarrassed about my hair.

So on January 10 I began a new hair washing method: water only.  Yes, you read that right.

I will go into details about exactly what that means in part two of this post series, but for now I will explain a bit about why I chose it.

  1. Firstly, I am very low maintenance with my hair.  I don’t use conditioner, styling products, heat tools, or anything like that.  I spent far too much time on my hair as a teenager and into my early twenties, and at 27 years of age, I just don’t have the motivation anymore.
  2. My hair takes so long to wash and rinse!  I think that is because of its texture and thickness, but it is such a pain.  Additionally, all the washing and moving my hair around to rinse it causes a ton of tangles.
  3. I have a strong sensitivity to fragrance so products that could help care for my curly hair would likely cause me to get migraines.
  4. The curly girl method of hair washing is too much work for me.
  5. I have tried other shampoo/soap alternatives and they do not clean my scalp and hair the way I want.

That’s all I am sharing for today.  I hope you will come back next Monday to read part two of this series!

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  1. Hi there, Christina. :) In all courteousness, Happy New Year’s Eve to your husband and you as well. In all courteousness, as well, you are welcome. :) We are sorry to hear you had such hardship, gosh. Thank goodness everything is okay, however. :)

    In all courteousness, too, this post is nice and interesting. Your photographs are excellent: well done. May the lightness follow you! Thx! :D

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