my new hair washing method: part three

Did you miss part one and two?  Catch up by following the links below!


It has been almost a full month since I stopped washing my hair with commercial soaps or shampoos.  I have been diligently keeping a hair journal (something my husband finds funny) so that I can share my observations and progress with you all.

In my last post I felt somewhat defeated because by day 13 my hair was SO GROSS.  I would do a vinegar rinse to try to help reduce the buildup on my scalp, and I would have to rinse my hair with very hot water in hopes of dissolving some of the oils that were hanging out at my roots.

But I stuck with it!  So, like in the last post, here is a breakdown of my progress each day.

January 23: hair and scalp felt clean in the morning (after vinegar and hot water rinse); wore hair down; brushed and braided before bed but hair felt very dirty

January 24: hair feels a little greasy and stringy in the morning but not bad; wore hair down; brushed and braided at night but hair felt and looked very oily (it separated into greasy chunks and looked wet)

January 25: washed with water and did scalp rinse with vinegar; wore hair down and with a covering; hair felt and looked fine when damp but was very oily under the covering; braided at night

January 26: rinsed hair again with hot water; hair felt and looked fine as it dried but was very oily once brushed; braided hair for bed

January 27: wet hair and wore it down; looked and felt oily at the roots in the evening; did not brush but bradied for bed

January 28: brushed out hair in the morning and braided; left in braid all day and night

January 29: brushed out braid and rebraided for the day and night

January 30: brushed out braid in the morning; hair felt very soft and not as oily; braided again for day and night

January 31: brushed out braid; washed with water; wore hair down and slept in a braid

February 1: hair feels greasy at roots; kept hair down after brushing out braid and wore a covering; slept with hair in a bun


February 2: hot water rinse; hair still feeling greasy at roots; wore hair down and then braided for bed

February 3: wet hair for curl definition; wore hair down with a covering; brushed and braided at night

February 4: scalp has a lot of buildup that flakes off when scratched; wore hair in a braid all day with a covering; brushed out braid and slept in a bun

February 5: brushed out hair and wore it in a bun; scalp flakes still there but hair does not feel as oily

I don’t think the white flakes are noticeable from a distance, and my husband hasn’t noticed them either.  I had planned to wash my scalp today (with water!) and then do a vinegar rinse, but I decided to wait another day.

How I feel so far in the experiment:
My goal was to last at least one month, even if the results were terrible.  There have certainly been some days that I felt like stopping and going back to my regular soap, but I sucked it up and kept at it.  I am glad I have, because my hair is not nearly as oily as I thought it would be after this long.  Apart from being obviously public here on my blog and Instagram, I don’t talk about this experiment in everyday life.  People tend to get grossed out by anything less than commercially cleaners or cleansers (you should see the reactions I get when I say I haven’t worn deodorant or antiperspirant in almost 10 years!), so I just don’t mention it.  I am proud of myself for sticking to my guns though, because this has been a trying project!  I am still going to keep going and see what happens after two months.


  • head coverings make my hair feel oilier than it does on days that I don’t wear one.  Most of my coverings are a thick cotton so I am trying to experiment with different fabrics to see what works best for keeping the oils under control
  • when I do a vinegar rinse, I am not scrubbing my scalp. I have the vinegar in a spray bottle and I apply it directly to my scalp; I let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it with hot water.
  • my hair does NOT smell! Normally my hair absorbs smells and hangs onto them for days unless I wash it repeatedly, but I have been around people wearing lots of perfume, have gotten cooking smells stuck to my clothing, and have even been blasted in the face by smoke from the wood stove.  but none of those smells lingered!
  • my hair is less frizzy and static-y overall

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2 comments on “my new hair washing method: part three

  1. Good work! I like seeing the progress you make with your hair routine. What is your goal in the end? Do you want it to feel soft and not be greasy as before? Oh, and I did have another question. Why did you decide to use just plain water (with exception of vinegar once in a while) to wash hair? The are other all natural washes like lemon juice mixed with something and a few other things I’ve heard of.

    • My goal in the end is to have my hair not look so oily, and to only need to wash with water every few weeks.

      I have heard of all kinds of natural hair and scalp cleansers but they still require me to buy things. In all honesty, I am cheap and vinegar is always on hand in our home. I have used lemon juice before but it doesn’t rinse as well as I’d like.

      I am certainly not an expert on alternative hair care, but I thought I would still document my progress in case anyone else is looking to make a change too🙂

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