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I recently announced on my personal Facebook that I started working again.  I’ve mentioned my job here on the blog in passing (which I started at the beginning of July), but I have yet to mention my second job.

Starting on August 25 I will be the assistant librarian at the secondary branch of my local library.  Last summer I was the programming coordinator for both branches, but sadly the position was only temporary.  This assistant position opened up because the head librarian is going on a maternity leave for 9 months to 1 year.   I’m really excited to be back at the library because I love books!  Seriously, my idea of  spending time outside as a kid was reading a book in the yard.  My mom would actually have to forbid me to read, and make me play instead.

The dress code for these rural libraries is very casual, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up a little!  I’ll be the only librarian at my branch on the days I work, but I will have help from student volunteers.   Naturally, I took to Pinterest to come up with some fun outfit ideas for my new job.

I actually used to dress like this when I had an office job, so these inspiration photos aren’t a far cry from my style.  The glasses were added just for fun, because they are so quintessentially librarian!  I don’t actually need to wear corrective lenses anymore but I’ve always liked the look of cat eye frames.  Is it super lame to wear fake glasses?

The library is housed in the old town hall building and is actually the only non residential building in the whole town.  I’m hoping to post pictures of it soon, so you can see what an awesome space I’ll be working in!

Oh, the sources for the pictures I posted can be found by clicking on my Pinterest board.

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