my secret to shiny, healthy hair

Today I’m sharing how I keep my hair healthy and prevent it from looking too oily, even though I only wash it a few times a week.  This is a relatively cheap and simple trick that uses a unique hairbrush that can be bought at any department or drug store.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think!

Soon I will be sharing another video showing how I dry my hair in order to shape the curls without using ANY special products or tools.


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7 comments on “my secret to shiny, healthy hair

  1. we use boar bristle brushes too, as well as shampoos without sulfates (they strip the hair of oils, when then makes your scalp produce more oil to make up for it…etc. etc.) Brushes like this make it easy for kids to brush their own hair (even girls with tangles…mine were able to do their hair on their own before age 5…because these don’t pull or hurt :)

    • Thanks for the input, Kelly. I wasn’t able to detangle my hair with a boar bristle brush, but maybe I just need more practice!

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