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This morning I spent some time rearranging my closet room/”office” space.  We are hoping to get a new computer soon so I’m trying to clear out all the unnecessary clutter and things that are not clothing or computer related.  As I was going through some boxes I came across a housewarming card David’s grandma gave us.  It’s so pretty I decided to frame it and hang it by the front door.

The homeowners before us hung a lot of stuff on the wall in very odd places…we’re trying to hang pictures to cover the existing holes.  There just so happened to be a nail hole here and it’s the perfect place for a “Home Sweet Home” picture.  
The next neat picture I found was actually a painting I did as a kid.  I’m not sure what my inspiration was or why I painted this but I like it.  The house actually reminds me a bit of our house now:)
This is hung near our coat closet which is actually not right by our front door.  It’s just up a half flight of stairs so it’s not too bad.  We used to have a driftwood mask that looks like a scary face hanging here but we think the train rumble knocked it down.  Sadly it broke in a few places and is hard to repair.  This space has been empty for a few months so I knew it was perfect for this piece.  
The living areas are all open so there isn’t a lot of wall space to hang things.  Thankfully there is a fair bit of hallway and bedroom wall space. 

I love covering the walls with pictures and art!  It makes a house feel like a home. 

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