No Pants November outfits week 4

Here are the outfits I wore for the rest of the OWHNoPantsNovember Challenge!

Day 24. I’m wearing a dress over a maxi skirt for a suuuuper comfy outfit!


Day 25: for youth group.  I also discovered I had enough hair for an actual hair-do (a few days later I had the back tidied up though).



Day 26: out with my mom for errands.  I ended up wearing black knee high boots with this outfit.


Day 29: church.  I’m really liking the Christmas-y vibe of this outfit!  The vest is the same one I wore earlier in the week and I wore black knee high boots.


Day 30: I think this was just a stay at home day.  My new skirt from Deborah and Co. came in the mail :)


When I set out to do this challenge I was pretty excited, since I had fun doing it alone last year.  But this year I had some great co-hosts and met some other bloggers too!  I had hoped this challenge would serve to inspire other women to try wearing skirts and dresses more often, but I did not expect that I’d create some of my very favourite outfits thanks to it (day 5, day 21, and all the outfits in this post!).

I wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively but it’s easy for me to wear the same few pieces over and over, which is kind of boring.  But doing this challenge forced me to get creative, since my outfits would be made public.  I hope that you enjoyed seeing my outfits, and if you participated: I hope you had fun and will join me again next year!




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