No Pants November Style Challenge

Last year I challenged myself to wear only skirts and dresses for the whole month of November.  Since completing this challenge almost a year ago I’ve been wearing skirts almost exclusively.  I truly find them more comfortable, modest and feminine than pants!

I’m bringing back the No Pants November challenge this year, with the help from some other bloggers!  Helping me out are Leticia from King Maker Blog, Margaret from Happy in Heels, Blaze-Anne from P31 Beauty and Katie from Sparkly Ambitions.

Our Wood Home No Pants November

It’s my goal that this challenge will create new friendships and encourage other women to dress more thoughtfully and feminine!   I want this challenge to be inclusive to all women, so everyone is invited to join us!  I’ll be sharing my outfits weekly here on my blog, as well as on social media using the hashtag #OWHNoPantsNovember and I encourage you to do the same.

Those of you with blogs are more than welcome to link your No Pants November outfit posts in the comment section of my posts as well as on social media.  I’m hoping to feature the awesome outfit of one reader per week:)

I do ask that you use a photo of the clothes actually on your body instead of just layed out.  You can feel free to take mirror selfies if you want, just make sure we can see your outfit:)    Show us any outfit you wear, regardless of it’s formality!  The aim is to share REAL outfits!  Below are some rules and guidelines for those who are participating in the challenge.

Our Wood Home No Pants November 2

Be sure to go check out my co-host’s blogs too, they have great content!   If you need some outfit inspiration feel free to check out my casual clothes board, my fancy clothes board or the modest casual fashion board I contribute to.

I look forward to seeing all your outfits:)

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4 comments on “No Pants November Style Challenge

  1. This is such a wonderful challenge! So excited to be co-hosting. I can’t wait to see all the looks from you ,the other Bloggers and the readers who join us!!! Thanks for encouraging us to be beatifully modest women.
    Leticia from King Maker blog

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