No Pants November outfits week 2

I’m baaaaaaack!  After having some issues with my blog I’m happy that everything is resolved and I’m back to posting again.

My blogging schedule has been thrown off with this unexpected hiatus, so I’m going to try to catch up the best I can starting with the second installment of #OWHNoPantsNovember !  These are the outfits I wore for the second week of November.

Day 7: buying new coats.


Day 8: movie date.


Day 10: housework (no photo for day 9…I forgot to take one and now I can’t remember what I wore!).


Day 11: youth group.


Day 12: errands and making pumpkin puree.


Day 13: cleaning and listening to Christmas music.


Day 14: Christmas tree festival with my mom.


This challenge has made me really think about what I want to wear each day, especially since I’m sharing the photos with all of you!  I’m still working on wearing pieces that reflect my personal style while simultaneously trying to view some clothes in a new light.  Like this last dress, for example.  I bought it online last year and was sort of disappointed with it when it came. It’s only been worn a total of twice before this outfit, because I wasn’t sure how to wear it.  I mean, it has long black sleeves, no defined waist and just sort of hung on my body.  But the detail on the neckline is so cute, and the skirt pattern is nice!  So I decided to add a belted cardigan and now I see myself wearing some version of this outfit repeatedly!

Those of you who are participating: how are you finding the challenge so far?  Feel free to share your comments below and link up to your #OWHNOPantsNovember outfits too!

If you are a new reader and would like more info on this challenge, see the related posts listed under this entry.

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