No Pants November outfits week 3

I’ve always found November to be a dreary month, so this challenge has helped cheer me up at times.  How did it do that?  Well, I truly enjoy wearing nice clothes but sometimes I lack the motivation to do so. But knowing I need to blog my outfits has forced me to be creative and wear nicer pieces, thus putting me in a good mood!  As we near the end of the #OWHNoPantsNovember Challenge I hope you had fun along with me.  Even if you did not participate, I hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits I, my co-hosts and fellow bloggers shared.  It’s nice getting real fashion inspiration from REAL women!

Anyways, here are my outfits for the third week of the challenge!

Day 16: Christmas decorating and out for lunch with a friend.  I recently bought this top at a thrift store, and , even though it’s hardly exciting, it’s very versatile.


Day 17: I can’t remember what I did…But I do remember that my new Flexi Clips came in the mail!  Here is the one I’m wearing in this picture.


Day 19: I wasn’t feeling well so this was a rest day.  I did manage to style my hair in a faux French braid and use my other new Flexi.



Day 20: Christmas baking!!!! You can’t really tell, but I’m wearing a striped top and a brown floral skirt under the apron.


Day 21: church and errands. I think this might be my favourite outfit so far!  The top is what I wore for the day 16 and the skirt was worn for the first time on day 7.  It’s made of wool so it’s nice and warm!  I really like belting over a top or sweater instead of tucking them into my skirt.  Nobody gave me weird looks at church so I’m assuming it looks okay!

#OWHNoPantsNovemberI had great intentions of going outside everyday and taking nicer outfit photos, but let’s be honest:  that’s a lot of work and it’s cold out!!  Hopefully my mirror selfies are acceptable:)

For those of you bloggers who are participating in the #OWHNoPantsNovember challenge, I encourage you to link up your outfit posts below.  And if any of you non-bloggers want to join in on the fun, feel free to use #OWHNoPantsNovember on social media so we can see your fab outfits (just be sure to make your posts public!).

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