no pants November

Good morning everyone.  Today I wanted to introduce a new feature on my blog called No Pants November.  I’m challenging myself to only wear skirts or dresses for the month of November.  Why?  Well, why not?  Personally, I find real pants (other than those for yoga) to be very uncomfortable.  Why would I choose to wear something uncomfortable like pants when I have soooo many skirts and dresses I could be wearing instead?  Dresses and skirts make me feel more free since they are far less restricting.

Here are my challenge “rules”:

  1. Anytime I leave my house I will wear a dress or skirt instead of pants (with the exception of work because pants are required for my uniform).
  2. I will continue to wear pants at home since I don’t want to ruin any of my skirts with soot from the fireplace or cleaners or food, etc.
  3. Repeat outfits are discouraged, considering how I have so many skirts.
  4. Challenge will commence on November 1 and finish on November 30.
I’ll be posting my outfits with the tag #NoPantsNovember on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and I’d love for you to join me in this challenge!  If you have a blog feel free to use the badge below to link up with me and be sure to post your outfit links in the comments section.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and challenging myself to create interesting outfits.

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5 comments on “no pants November

  1. Great idea, Christina! I’m already doing a clothing challenge this November so sadly I won’t be able to join in. I’d love to see some of the skirts you’ll be wearing though! :-)

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