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So far this #NoPantsNovember challenge has been okay.  I haven’t had many chances to wear normal clothes outside of home and work (where we are required to wear a uniform) and when I have gone to work at the library I’ve found it easy to pick a dress or skirt.  It is a little trickier for me to choose a casual outfit based on a skirt or dress because now I have to layer it.  In the summer I can just throw on a long dress, add my straw fedora and Birkenstocks and I’m ready to go.  But now I have to add tights, long sleeved shirt, maybe a cardigan, extra socks…This outfit is what I wore yesterday to take some family photos outside.  It was cold, windy and started to snow but I was determined to wear a dress.

I’m wearing so many layers in this photo!!  I have socks, thermal leggings, the pink pants, a tank top, long sleeved shirt, dress, cardigan and scarf.  Then I wore a winter coat with mittens and a headband.  Can you tell I don’t do cold weather?


scarf: gifted
cardigan: ??
dress: Winners
tights: pants from RW&Co
boots: Soft Mocc



David took these photos for me when I got home and thankfully it was still bright enough and not snowing too heavily.  Every time he takes my pictures they look so much better than when I try to use self timer and do it myself!

Anyways, back to the outfit.  I chose this dress because I knew I could layer under it without looking awkward.  I opted for bright pants as tights to liven up the look, but I could have easily done black leggings.  If I was going out for errands or visiting someone then this outfit would have been fine as is, but since I knew I’d be walking around outside I added the warm sweater.  Personally, I think the sweater makes me look a little too bulky/frumpy but it kept me warm so I don’t care too much :)  The boots I wore are my trusty leather boots I bought almost 2 years ago.  They were pretty pricey but have been well worth it.  I pretty much live in them from September to the first snow fall (they have zippers on the sides which sometimes let in slushy snow so they are not the greatest for winter.  But I have worn them for winter shopping trips when I know I’ll be inside all day).

While doing my own style challenge I inadvertently participated in another one that Lauren from Salty & Bright is doing: No Make Up November!  Recently I have been wearing make up every time I leave my house since my acne resurfaced.  I decided to forgo it yesterday partially due to laziness but also due to just not caring.  In a weird way it was kind of liberating!


Are you participating in my #NoPantsNovember challenge?  I’d love to see your pictures so link up below or post your picture on my Facebook timeline. Or use the hashtag #NoPantsNovember on Twitter or Pinterest.

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