#NoPantsNovember outfit 5

Well, November is ending soon and so is my #NoPantsNovember style challenge.  I wish I could have posted more outfits but honestly, I only wear real clothes twice a week when I go to work at the library.  The rest of my time is spent at my other job where I wear a uniform or at home in my jammies.

Anyways, this outfit is what I wore to the library this week. I would have liked David to take these photos for me since he did a good job last time but by the time he gets home from work it is pitch black outside.  My back up plan was just to take them myself outside, but it is SOCOLD out right now.  Soooo, plan C is standing in the living room where it is toasty warm.

geometric tunic

tunic: old from Bootlegger
sweater: Ricki’s
leggings: Sport Chek
boots: Soft Mocc

geometric tunic geometric tunicPandora bracelets


Fashion fail…I should have picked up Vinnie AFTER I was done taking photos.  Cat hair is clearly my best accessory.




This tunic has been in my closet forEVER. Like literally forever. I think I got it in high school, so around the year 2006.  I have avoided wearing for reasons I can’t remember.  Usually I donate the clothes I don’t wear but somehow this one stayed safe in my closet and I’m glad I hung onto it.  The print is fun and the tunic itself is comfy and easy to wear.  I think it might actually be a dress but the length is too short for my taste, so a tunic it is!

The leggings and boots I’m wearing are already becoming a staple in my wardrobe and for good reasons.  They are both warm, comfy and stylish (I think!). The boots were an expensive purchase but I’m so glad I got them.  The leggings, which were gifted to me by my in laws,are actually  long underwear that are made of a super high quality material.  They too cost a lot but they are sooooo warm.

I have a couple more outfits to post for #NoPantsNovember, so check back soon for those.

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  1. Thanks for linking this cute outfit along with your others to Holiday Edition – Thanksgiving 2015 on Wearing with Wisdom !
    I sent you your Pumpkin Spice soap that you won ….so it should arrive soon !
    Thanks again and blessings, Leticia

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