“nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

Is your social media feed flooded with images like these?  Mine always is and with ‘bikini season’ around the corner I’m expecting to see a lot more.  All of these bother me for various reasons.  Before I launch into a rant I’m going to clear something up…

This is a post on the ridiculousness of diet motivators.  It’s about the downside of being skinny and why being healthy is WAY more important than size and weight.  If you think you may get offended by reading this then feel free to leave.  I encourage you to read all the way through, though and let me know your thoughts.

Alright, let’s start this!

I’ve always been a “skinny” person.  Growing up I was tall for my age and thin.  Friend and family would always say I should be a model because of my size.  I ate very healthy and my mom never let us have junk food.  Once I hit middle school I began to fill out a little and gained weight but not so much that I was over weight. My growth spurt ended and I have remained at 5 feet 5 inches since the e of twelve.  I stayed around 120-130 pounds until I was 15.  I cut out meat for an entire summer and lost about 15 pounds accidentally.  I never planned on dieting to lose wight but I was going through a vegetarian phase.  When I returned to school some people thought I had an eating problem because of my new size (although, nobody ever confronted me about it.  They just thought I was sick and let it be for months until summer habits came up in conversation).  Since then I have constantly felt obligated to explain my weight and size…I’ve heard comments like
“You’re too skinny”
“You need to eat more”
 “I can see your ribs/spine/hips through your clothes!”
“What are you, like a size zero?”

I spent so many years trying to gain weight so I wouldn’t hear all these negative comments from people.  And for years I believed what I was hearing.  I’m finally at peace with the way I look because  I stopped listening to what people say.  Yes, I have bony hips.  But I carry a little weight in my thighs.  Yes, I have a small waist.  But finding pants that fit properly is a challenge. And guess what?  According to my doctor, I’m perfectly healthy at this size.

That’s me  on our wedding day.  I’m healthy and I feel beautiful.

So now I’m going to complain about those quotes at the top of the post.  They’re just so stupid!!!!  I understand that a lot people are struggling to lose weight and get healthy and I am so proud of you.  But is shaming your current body really the way to do that?   I’ve written before about our sort of diet, so you probably know my opinions on dieting.  Here’s a quick recap: we reduce the amount of junk food we eat.  That’s it.  We are already fairly active what with house work and landscaping and we eat 3 balanced meals daily with healthy snacks in between.
When I see that cookie quote I think “Yes, I do want that cookie.  If I eat one now I’m less likely to crave it all day and end up eating 6”.

Bodies are all different.  I have 2 younger brothers and we all ate the same foods growing up.  I was the tall and skinny kid, my middle brother was average size and my youngest brother was chubby.  We got the same amount of exercise and are close in age but we didn’t look the same.  Those ideal weight calculators online are just full of beans!  They can’t tell you what’s healthy for you and skinny doesn’t always mean healthy.   Personally, I think the way to start losing weight and becoming healthier is to start by seeing your doctor.  They can tell you what your goal should be.  Then look at your eating habits and make some changes.  Add more fresh fruits and veggies, eat less or better bread, reduce the amount of red meat you eat.  Then get active!  Start with little things like vacuuming your house, parking farther at the mall or walking around your block every night.

I’d like to leave you with this quote.

 Please note: I’m not a doctor or nutritionist.  You should consult your health care practitioner before beginning any weight loss measures.

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