older women teaching younger women: a look at Titus 2:3-5

Near the beginning of March I was doing a personal Bible study on  leadership in church and marital submission (that is a topic for another day).  I read all the letters Paul wrote to the early churches and found a lot of repetitive instructions in the letters, which I viewed as a good thing, since that shows me that those things were important enough to be applicable to many of the early churches, not just one or two.

In my study I reread Titus 2, which is the section in which Paul is instructing Titus, who is a young pastor, to teach the older men and women to be Christ-like examples so that they can, in turn, pass that along to the younger generation.  Most of us are probably familiar with Titus 2:3-5, since it seems to be a popular verse among Christian women, especially those that are homemakers.  We see it as an affirming verse that our role is indeed at home with our families.

I love this verse for that reason, and because it so simply summarizes what a Christian woman is meant to do: love their family, have good character (specifically not prone to gossip or attention seeking. Pure in this case is a synonym for “chaste”) be the keeper of their home, and submit to their husbands.

The older women are of importance here, since they are presumably married, have raised children, know how to keep house, etc, and they are to then teach the younger ladies how to do so.  In my readings and studying I have found that older or aged women are those who are past childbearing years, whereas younger women are those who are still in childbearing years.  I like how the focus of this instruction is that women are to teach women and earlier in Titus 2 it says that men are to teach men.  There is certainly nothing wrong with women being taught by men (it is Biblical, in fact) but there are some things that our pastors or fathers or brothers cannot teach us.  In order to help us be the kind of woman God wants us to be, we need to be taught and guided (and mentored) by mature Christian women who have already walked the path we are on.

I would hope that, if you are attending a church, there are those kind of women to either mentor you, or be mentored BY you (if you are considered an older woman). As a young woman in her twenties I can tell you older women that priorities are changing for young wives.  Many who grew up with Christian influences have been focussing less on what Biblical principles they were taught, and are instead absorbed in what the world tells them.  Then there are young women, not yet wives, who have no godly Christian woman to influence and teach them, and are in need of guidance.  These women NEED mentors like you older ladies!  You may not have had daughters to pass along your wisdom to, but there are many ways you can practice the instructions in Titus 2.

I urge all you women reading this, old or young, to prayerfully seek out someone to mentor or be mentored by.

If you are unable to find someone, for whatever reason, I encourage you to consider joining the Older Women Teaching Younger Women mentoring group on Facebook. Full disclosure: I am the creator and moderator of it.  I realized there was a need for a place where godly women can congregate and learn from one another the Titus 2 way, so my group is that place.  When I created it I hoped it would be a safe avenue for women to seek advice on homemaking, marriage, child raising, and so on, and it has met my goals! I cannot take credit for it though, because the members are all wonderful ladies with great insight! The ladies in the group are:

  • married
  • widowed
  • unmarried
  • engaged
  • newlyweds
  • celebrating many years of marriage
  • new mothers
  • mothers of grown children
  • grandmothers
  • childless
  • in their early twenties
  • retired

As you can see, we are a diverse group but our goal is all the same: to love God and our families, and to serve them the best we can.

I hope that you will join us if you are seeking a mentoring relationship with a godly woman.  This group is for ladies only, and it is private, so you can trust that anything said in the group stays in the group.  The link to join is here.

I mentioned earlier that my original Bible study was on leadership and marital submission.  My thoughts may come across as controversial, so I am not sure if I should write a post or not.  Is that something you would like to read about? If so, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail (davidswife2574@gmail.com).

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  1. A Thoughtful post for one so young – I imagine Paul may have said the same of Timothy! I’ll check out your fb group – as you can mine, if you like – on hospitality mentoring: welcomeheart, welcome home.
    Also, writing a book called: Table Mentoring: Dying to Share What Others Are Dying to Know (that tagline is tongue in cheek at present…) Look for it mid summer. I’m almost 65, married 29 years (got a late start) and have 3 semi – adult daughters. (:

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