our alternative to a Christmas tree

Sadly, we are not getting a real tree for Christmas this year.  I’ve been working a seasonal job in retail all month and my hours have been crazy.  I’m talking working 9 days in a row, day off, another 9 days in a row.
I’m blessed to have found this job, so I’m not complaining at all…it’s just been keeping me from doing much holiday prep.  We were going to get a tree on Saturday (December 21) but David pointed out that it will only be up for a few days and nobody will see it.  So we decided not to get one.  I was still left with the puzzler of where to out the presents if there is no tree…

I saw this picture on Pinterest and was inspired to create my own version.

Pinterest version.

I made my chalkboard from an old piece of plastic taped to an empty frame.  All I did was use chalkboard paint on the plastic sheet, let it dry and then use packing tape to secure it to the back of my frame.  The paint was a birthday gift from my mom and the frame was picked up at a yard sale a few years ago for 25 cents!  The plastic I used was from a large poster frame, so it was pretty heavy duty.
And, not gonna lie…it took me several tries to even draw a decent looking tree!  I have zero art skills, but my husband said this one looked good.  I’m hoping to buy some coloured chalk and add some little colourful ornaments to my tree.

my version!

I leaned this frame against the railing in our living room, atop our red dresser (that serves as dinnerware storage).  Our wrapping paper happened to coordinate PERFECTLY with the dresser, which is just a sheer coincidence.



Our birch bark ‘stumps’ and soapstone chess set are always on the dresser.
We just swapped out a vintage glass bottle collection to make room for the frame.


this is what you see upon entering our home.

I would have like to get a real tree this year, but I’m pretty pleased with our alternative.  I actually like the chalkboard frame so much I may keep it up all year, without the tree drawing of course!


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