our Christmas tree!

We just bought our tree last week and it’s now up and decorated!  I wish I had taken a picture of the tree tied to David’s car because it looked pretty funny.
Our living room ceilings are slanted and are over 7 feet tall at the lowest…so we were pretty excited to get a big tree!

All lit up at night.  I actually had to stand upstairs in our dining room to get the whole tree in the shot.


We bought these on our honeymoon




When I was a teenager my mom decided she would do a colour theme every year for tree decorations.  I remember doing blue+silver, red+gold, pink+silver, black+white…And every year she and I would make 90% of the ornaments oursleves. Sadly, this obsession was picked up by me.  I didn’t actually plan my tree decor very well but ended up with silver, gold and red pretties.  David picked the multi-coloured lights which look SO GOOD!




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