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It’s been so cold here lately!!  There’s gusting winds up to 50km/hour, freezing temps close to -40C and frost quakes.  And our house has some drafty windows and doors so sometimes we can feel the wind blowing through, which makes for some chilly times.  Thankfully we have heat and have never had our power interrupted!  We use our woodstove for most of the heat and have a propane furnace as well, but sometimes even that isn’t enough to keep me toasty.  I like to wrap myself with blankets to stay cozy.  David and I have accumulated so many blankets since we got married and we definitely have favourites.  Here are 3 of our top picks.

This blanket was knit for us by David’s grandma for Christmas this year.  I think this is our fifth knitted afgan style blanket and we love them. They keep us nice and warm so we always have one on our bed.  They’re also great for wrapping around yourself to watch TV or read.

Where to find it: Obviously David’s grandma can’t make everyone a blanket, but I’ve seen similar blankets at second hand stores.  They’re reasonably priced and I’ve always seen a wide variety of colours.  Look for one that has a tight knit to ensure maximum warmth!  And if the thought of using someone else’s old blanket freaks you out, just find a really good dry cleaner!

This is one of David’s favourite blankets to use.  It’s a Woolrich with leather on one side and a fleecy, sheepy fabric on the other.  It’s very warm and easy to clean (the leather just wipes clean but I’ve actually thrown this in the wash machine).  This blanket is a single person one so it’s a little hard to share unless you get super cozy…which isn’t a bad idea!

Where to find it: David’s parents bought this blanket at a cottage store but Woolrich is available at a multitude of retailers.  You can also order from their website by clicking here.  Unfortunately,  they no longer make this exact blanket but there are some great alternatives.  And Woolrich is a high quality brand so you know it will last your family a long time.

This is one of my favourites.  It was a wedding present from a friend of ours who was working as a teacher in remote Canadian schools.  She bought this for us on her travels and we love it.  It’s so warm and stylish! I like it so much because the wool is very soft, the blanket is a small size so it’s not too bulky to wrap myself in and it’s neutral colours look perfect in our living room.  My cat actually loves this blanket more than I do!

Where to buy it: We don’t know where she bought this blanket but I did find an online retailer who sells this brand.  They ship globally and have some really neat patterns.

As I mentioned before we have soooo many blankets and throws that it’s hard to use them all.  Some of them are too big to snuggle on the couch with, others are too small for even one person and some just aren’t warm enough.  But the three I’ve shown are awesome.  Go get yourself one:)

ps- piling these blankets make an excellent cat nest!

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