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I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely loved my wedding.  Getting married is the best thing to happen to us so far and we couldn’t be happier.  We had been dating for 2.5 years when my husband proposed, and we got married exactly 16 months later.  It was a very long engagement by some standards, but well worth the wait!  I had a lot of great plans for our wedding in terms of decor and stuff like that, but honestly, most of it ended up being scrapped and we only did things that were really important to us.  For example, we chose a venue that didn’t need much decor for the reception, we didn’t decorate the church for the ceremony, our food was AMAZING and guests loved it, the DJ we hired played the perfect music and our photographers were great.

A good chunk of our budget went to the photographers but that was a very important thing to me.  I actually had a short list of over a dozen photographers and I’m so happy we chose Jenn and Matt from Jenn Austin-Driver Photography.  The photos we got were amazing and I love looking at them over and over again.

Our wedding wasn’t a big party, we didn’t have a bar and people really didn’t dance.  But that’s how we planned it.  Most of our guests were older so we chose music that was appropriate for everyone, could be danced to or just enjoyed from your chair (think Micheal Buble with a bit of Time Warp thrown in!).  The feedback we got from guests was awesome!  People said the wedding was classy; the music was wonderful; the food was so good; our decor was nice; we looked so good; our ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt (it made people cry, hahaha!).

Honestly, I wanted to get married at city hall and be done with it.  But having a church ceremony and a reception was important to our families, so we did have those, but the way we wanted.

I love sharing my photos and vendors with people so please have a peek at my Pinterest Board of wedding photos.  And if you’re looking for wedding vendors in the Kawartha Lakes/Peterborough County regions, look no further!

Hair: Fusion Hair Studio
Makeup: True You Makeup Artistry 
Flowers: Kawartha Lakes Classic Flowers  (Kathleen was amazing! She created exactly what I wanted)
Reception Venue: Lakeview Arts Barn  (they catered too!  The cost for rental and catering was a bit pricey, but well worth it.  They provided chairs, tables, linens and all dishes.  The food was prepared fresh that morning from local ingredients).
DJ: MacMillan Entertainment Group (ask for the owner, Tim!!)
Photographer: Jenn Austin Driver Photography

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