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It seems like some bloggers have totally perfect lives, right?  Their house is always clean, their kids are always well behaved, any outfit they wear looks runway ready, their makeup is always flawless, etc.  Fellow bloggers can verify that it takes SO MUCH work to make things like perfect for our blogs though.

In the interest of keeping things light, I’m sharing some photos that didn’t quite make the cut into my outfit posts.  David is to blame for most of them, since he usually takes my photos!

Ok…where am I looking?!  And this photo is out of focus, which is my fault.


Awkward pose and bad lighting.


This is David’s fault!  Well, I guess it’s the sun’s fault, since that is what caused me to make this face.


Weird half smile means this photo gets scrapped.


I blinked as the shutter went off!



I don’t even know…but look how short my hair is!


I’m not sure what I was planning to do with my hand.


Bad lighting, and a pose reminiscent of the emo days…


David got this shot of me talking and it’s not very flattering!


Another talking shot that makes me look angry!


Wardrobe adjustments.


And hair adjustments!IMG_9107

I probably have soooo many more blooper photos but this will have to do for now:)

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