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I’m back to blogging after my vacation in Paris!  We had hoped the weather would be nice and sunny but it was actually cold and rainy most of the time.   I ended up having to layer a lot and wear my denim jacket every day, but oh well!

Here are some of the outfits I wore, which hopefully managed to look summery even though it was cold outside!

This is my airplane outfit, consisting of leggings for warmth (I heard airplanes are cold and we were travelling overnight) a comfy dress, and my trusty denim jacket.  I also had a leopard scarf but discarded it in the cab to our rented apartment.


Once we got to our apartment, we changed clothes, went for some lunch and then did shopping.  By this time we had been up for about 36 hours straight!  France is 6 hours ahead of Ontario so the time change took some getting used to.  For our first outing I wore a summery dress and a green cardigan.


PANTS!  Yeah, I’m wearing them, actually a jumpsuit! I don’t wear pants often but I make an exception for this jumpsuit.  I bought it for a wedding a few years ago and have had no place to wear it since.  It is loose enough for my modesty standards and I really enjoy wearing it.


A few weeks ago my mom gave me some old skirts she had, and I wasn’t really sure what to wear with them.  I ended up pairing this light blue one with a pale pink top and olive cardigan.  To prevent it from looking sloppy, I added a belt.    Ideally, I’d have worn different shoes but I only alternated between my Birkenstocks and a pair of flats.


We visited the very crowded Eiffel Tower, but also took several pictures at various places in the city where we could see it from a distance.  On this day I wore the most recent dress I made with my Birkenstocks and denim jacket.


Pardon my weird expression…it was very bright at the Palace of Versailles!  I wore another one of the skirts my mom gave me, and paired it with my denim peplum top and white cardigan.  In addition to being sunny, the weather was quite cool and windy so I had to keep my jacket on and buttoned up, which sort of ruined the overall outfit.  IMG_2617

Yet another view of the Tower!  I was running out of wearable options by this point in the week, so I decided to go for comfort and wear my bed sheet dress with leggings underneath.  I forgo the belt since I planned to keep my jacket on the whole time, but of course, this was the FIRST hot day we had so I ended up carrying my cardigan and jacket all day.


Our last full day in France turned out to be very hot and sticky.  I was finally able to wear a summer outfit, without any layers!  I also tried wearing a hat for the first time since my hair has been growing.  If I pulled my hair back, I looked bald. But wearing it down made me feel silly for some reason.  My mom assured me I looked “very cute” though!


For travelling home I chose a very comfy, but perhaps not flattering, outfit in simple colours.  White cotton midi skirt, pale pink tee, and grey cardigan were my choices.  I was comfortable on the plane and when we actually got home too.



I have to admit it was hard living out of a suitcase!  It was like a capsule wardrobe, which I’ve written about before and I really struggled to pick out my clothes each day even though I had few options.  Since I planned on nice weather I wasn’t able to wear a lot of the shorter skirts I brought because they would have looked weird with leggings.  Next trip I go on, I think I’ll pack more maxi skirts because they are more versatile!

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  1. Your photos bring back fond memories of our trip to Paris about 5 years ago. We loved touring all of the famous buildings.

    I loved all your outfits – I try to dress modestly each day. I like your jump suit – I have never tried a jump suit but I am keen to experiment with different styles of trousers since I started to wear them just over two years ago. Up to now I have bought mainly formal black trousers for work.

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