painted dining room

I painted our dining room yesterday and am so excited to share the pictures!

Before I painted I had some boring prep work to do…I had to remove all the trim (we are replacing it anyways) and patch the awful holes in the wall.  I will admit that it felt pretty good doing that work because it’s usually stuff my husband would do.  He was at work and I had seen him do it enough so I figured I could handle it! 
Then came the taping…we have slanted ceilings that start at normal height and vault into cathedral so it was a bit tricky to tape along the celing.  The ladder was actually too short for me to reach all to the tallest point of the wall so I have a few inches of unpainted wall (until this weekend when my father-in-law brings over a taller ladder!). I should also mention that I am very uncomfortable with heights…especially being on a ladder in an empty house. I’m paranoid that I will fall off and break my neck and just lay there on the floor until my husband comes home from work.  By which point I will be dead.  Ugh, creepy I know.  So being up on that ladder was a big deal for me!  But I managed to tape anyway!

Thankfully the walls were a light colour so primer wasn’t needed.  The paint colour I used is Behr’s “Cinnabark” and I bought a can of paint and primer in one (bonus: it has the lowest amount of VOCs on the market, which means it’s safe to keep the windows closed while painting). Although, since I used a roller I found that it didn’t fully cover the walls evenly and I’ll have to touch up the spots where the old paint shows through.  I will always choose brush over roller but that would have been silly in this case.

Enough talk! Here are the pictures!
Oh, I should mention that I literally did everything myself because David works all day and I don’t.  I knew that doing it myself was practical and the best choice because who’s husband would want to paint after working all day?

not able to reach all the way to the tallest part of the wall yet…


 This is the first big paint job I’ve done in the house (we painted the bathroom first but it was a much smaller task) and I’m so pleased with it.  We are planning to paint our bedroom next weekend and maybe even some of the basement!

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