painting wall tile (sort of a tutorial)

Last week I posted about our bathroom reno and the few things we had left to do.  I mentioned that I would be posting a tutorial on how to paint wall tile, but it turns out it’s SUPER easy.

how to paint tile

I read online that the tiles should be roughed up a bit with sand paper, so I tried that.  But it barely scratched them…so I tried a palm sander with no luck either.  I decided to try painting the tiles as is and it worked! Here is what I did:

  1. Wash tile with a damp rag to remove any dirt and/or dust.
  2. Dry thoroughly and tape off areas you don’t want painted such as door frames.
  3. Using a paint roller apply one coat of paint (I used bathroom safe paint since my tiles are in the bathroom).
  4. Once the first coat of paint is dry apply another if necessary (since my tiles were so blue I used 3 coats of paint).
  5. Wait for paint to fully dry and then remove tape from protected areas.  Avoid getting the painted tile wet for a few days.
Ta-Da!!  Wasn’t that easy?  The tile I had was shiny porcelain and the paint gave them a matte finish which I much prefer.  I gave my walls a new coat of paint to match the tiles so that everything blends together a little more.  
The first coat of paint went on pretty well, but the old blue colour is still visible.

Painting behind the toilet was such a task!  I managed though.
 I’m really pleased with the way the tile turned out. I hated the blue as soon as I saw the house but I knew removing all the old stuff would be a lot of work and costly.  I spent about $50 for the supplies needed to paint and I still have enough paint left over for the downstairs bathroom, so this was a very cost effective alternative to removing the tile.  
I’ll be writing 2 posts today because our main bathroom reveal deserves a post of it’s own!

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