Surprisingly, I love painting.  Not on a canvas or anything (I’m a terrible artist), but on walls or furniture.  Our home was already painted in neutral colours (minus the bathroom…that’s already been blogged about!) but I wanted to add my own touch to it. 
Our ceilings are sloped so that makes paining the walls pretty daunting.  But I really want to paint our bedroom and eventually the other bedrooms!  So I decided what colour scheme I want for our room (some creamy beige colour with white.  I found an amazing patterned paint roller that I’m going to use to apply a wallpaper-like finish to one wall) and David suggested we paint the dining room if I want.  I’m actually so excited about that because I had dreams of painting my dining room dark brown with a mustard ceiling.  Mind you, that was before we bought this open concept house…after a brief conversation and staring at the dining room from several locations we decided that painting the walls would be alright even though you can see the dining room from all places on the main floor. 
Even though all the walls in the main living area are all the same nice beige colour we think dark brown would look so nice   (Four of our dining chairs are a really nice brown-black colour and the other two are a beige and brown zebra pattern :D).

I’m also trying to convince David to let me paint the kitchen cabinets too, but convincing a man to paint wood is no easy feat!!   Our house has a lot of wood (floors, ceiling, trim, stairs, kitchen, etc…) and our cabinets are looking a little dated since the house was built in 1988.  The are solid wood and I think they would look soooo nice in a buttery-cream colour.  Fingers crossed I can convince him!

We are planning to paint this spring once the weather is warm enough to keep the windows open all day.  Although, with the way winter has been so far we may be able to paint soon!

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