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Oh my gosh, it’s been 6 weeks since I did an outfit post!  Now that spring is here I have a lot of great outfits planned that I’m going to try sharing.  This one is something I wore to work at the Library on a Saturday morning.  I’ve been experimenting with graphic tees and maxi skirts this season.  In recent years I’ve struggled to find casual outfits in my closet, since most of what I purchase and wear is intended for an office environment. The maxi skirts I got over winter are versatile enough that they can be dressed up for church or down for errands.  When I used to wear jeans I had a few go-to tees that I’m now pairing with skirts.  So far I like the look, but it is definitely something I’m not used to.  Usually my go-to casual outfit for warm weather is shorts and a tee but I donated almost all my shorts because they were too short.  I do have longer shorts but they are a heavier fabric, and skirts are more comfortable:)

My inspiration for pairing skirts with tees came from Lauren, at Modern Modesty.  Check out some of her outfit photos on Pinterest!

Now, onto my photos. I was hesitant about buying this skirt because of it’s “high-low” hem.  The lining of the skirt is knee length and the sheer overlay is ankle length.  I was worried the sheerness of it made it seem like my whole skirt was sheer, but I think it looks okay in pictures.


white tank: Walmart
tee: gifted
cardigan: gifted
belt: Joe Fresh
skirt: thrift store
sandals: Birkenstocks
sunglasses: Micheal Kors


Birkenstock sandals are my choice of footwear all spring and summer!  About 4 years ago I went to see a specialist about my foot/ankle/leg pain and he said it was caused by my high heels and flat shoes.  The arches of my feet have always been poor so wearing unsupportive footwear had caused pain in a number of places, not just my feet (did you know wearing bad shoes can cause hip problems too?). I decided then that fashion was no longer my top priority for footwear and made the switch to my Birks almost entirely.  They may not be the most stylish shoe, but they are comfortable and my arches have drastically improved.

I’m looking forward to combinations of Birks and maxi skirts this year:)

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