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Hello everyone, thank you to those who took my reader survey!  If you did not take it, that is fine:)

In the survey I asked some questions the way you read my blog, and also asked for your throughs on future posts.

Today I’m going to take some time to address the comments you left in the survey.

Social Medias
First of all, some of you were unaware of certain social media accounts I have.  You can follow me on Facebook here , Pinterest here, and Instagram here.

Posts you like
Ninety percent of you said you enjoyed the fashion posts, which is great!  Almost as many of you like the homemaking posts, too, which is good to know since fashion and homemaking are the main areas I try to focus on. About seventy percent of you like reading the hair and beauty posts as well as the faith content.  One quarter of those surveyed said the enjoy the product reviews, and I do enjoy writing them but am very selective with what I will review.

Posts you want to see in 2017
A lot of you requested more recipes, which is something I am working on.  I do have a collection of recipes posted already, but have not been doing as many because the food I prepare is not really anything special!  I don’t do fancy meals, but will share the recipes anyways since that is what you want :)
Hair tutorials is another request, which is something else I am working on.  Presently, I would not consider myself very good at styling my hair but I DO have some very easy styles that I will share in the new year. A few of you suggested marriage posts, but I am not planning to do any of those since I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it.  Maybe in the future!  I also had requests for video tours of my home, closet, chicken coop, etc. Those will be happening, so be sure to stay tuned!


Ladies, thank you SO much for answering my short survey!  I was happy to see that the majority of those answering were in close to my age, since that is my target group.  I was surprised that nearly thirty percent were between ages 45-55!  While I am so glad you are reading, ladies, I am not sure what I have to offer you here! I hope you continue to read though:)

I have big plans for Our Wood Home in 2017 and am so glad you are on this journey with me.  I started blogging way back in 2012, a few weeks after I was married, but did not imagine I’d be at the place I am today.  I have met so many great people though blogging, including my internet BFF :D

I hope you all stick with me and enjoy the new content!



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