reasons why summer is awesome

We have been having such great weather over the last few weeks!  May feels like summer, which is a nice change from the bitterly cold winter we had.
Here are some reasons why summer is awesome!
summer dresses
blooming flowers


“adult beverages” such as Coke mixed with cinnamon vodka

homemade BBQ’d burgers

spending lazy afternoons on the deck

beaver tails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outdoor concerts

weekends at the lake

the view from my in law’s cottage

hanging laundry (at cat toys) out to dry

growing our own veggies

But the ABSOLUTE best thing about summer? The lack of snow!

Are you a summer or winter person? Fall is my favourite season (it’s my birthday, I loved the first day back at school when I was little, the leaves are pretty and we got married in fall!) but I do enjoy all the hot and sunny weather of summer. You will never hear me complain it’s too hot out!

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